Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal

In Anthem™, a new shared-world action-RPG from EA’s BioWare studio, team up with friends as Freelancers—the bold few with the courage to leave civilization behind and explore a landscape of primeval beauty.

Wield an arsenal of Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. Band together with friends, confront the dangers you find, and grow in power with every step.

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Cambot Smash-Craft says:

looks like they got the voice actors form mass effect andromida

Mohsin Khan says:

iron man?!

Tunezmad says:

Who gives a fuck what the developers sound like Guys. This game looks fkn Bomb! I’m new enough to the scene so will some give me a good example of a downgraded game that Ye are all going on about?

Rizky Ginanjar says:

wow grafik and gamrplay awsome

Ryan Major says:

Ok Mass Effect… oh wait a minute

Angga Tirta says:

remember, no preorder

BVHR 2017 says:


Chris DC says:

Finally, a good power rangers game!

The Bat says:

Do they have to do the fake gamer chatter?

Alin Jobo says:

this gameplay looks like 30 fps to me

Setsuna Koi Kogeki says:

is this purely online?

HeyLookImGerman says:

We all know how this is going to end: The game going to be downgraded because consoles won’t be able to handle it (or some other excuse). The PC version is going to be very badly optimised. A portion of the main game is going to be repackaged as dlc.

true2life23 says:

The game looks good but no way will I be pre-ordering.

Drake Walker says:

At first I thought they were npc

cloj says:

I would buy this game 100% if it won’t be downgraded from what is currently on this clip.

Witty Euphemism says:

I thought i could handle the ‘gamerz reel banta” in this preview.

But i couldnt

Send help.

Mr Feast says:

Hahahaha .. you really believe a game made by EA or Ubisoft will work this good or look this good when it comes out ?! … HELL even if it did it won’t be without too many glitches or bugs EA is know for 010

Fish Fisher says:

linearity gameplay =(

amadedon says:

i wish fallout 4 like this oghhh

El Doritos says:

5:11 Of course he had just the right amount of rockets to kill all of them.

Akeake Gaming says:

This looks like a really high-quality game….. wow

arshad waleed says:

guys what the hell with downgrades you are talking about its EA right there the same that made battlefield the same that made deadspace and they all are perfect and they all look the same as their reveal trailer so stop play dumpassess

Smljhndnsmr says:

Captain Downgrade, to the rescue! **Exuberant trumpets start to play**

Ali Rind says:

The people on the mics are REAL and not paid!
Cuz EA aint payin em’

Kristovsky says:

This is what I imagine a good Iron Man game to look like!

fC.ThePunisher says:

Looks like they took a page out of UBI’s marketing book here…

Jesse Tufano says:

For everyone saying it will be downgraded is dumb. It will look just like that on the X1X !

Eric W says:

looks like mass effect, meets avatar, meets tribes.

George Cayley says:

expecting some

player1: how did you fly
player2: I dont know, just press all the key

Mr. Pancake says:

Please don’t be no man’s sky

Sy7ygy says:

Negativity in this thread is shocking. This looks like a high quality superb game with GOOD voice overs to explain certain aspects of the game. The gaming community is full of armchair experts.

Master Vex says:

Iron man + Destiny. With a early gameplay footage screen play ripped from Destiny and some perhaps from The Division. Yep, sure shows the creativity is strong in this game XD.

Bobby Puckett Music says:

Actually wait. this is all third person would you guys make a first person mode? I would be so happy…

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