9 Amazing NEW PS4 Paris Games Week 2017 Trailers (New Playstation 4 Trailers Paris Games Week 2017)

In this video, we take a look at 9 Amazing NEW PS4 Paris Games Week 2017 Trailers. Are there any other trailers you enjoyed? Do you have any interest in these games? Comment your thoughts on the 9 PS4 Games Trailers from Paris Games Week 2017! Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order.

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Trailers present in this list-

Ghost of Tsushima Reveal Trailer

Concrete Jungle Reveal Trailer

Spider-Man New Trailer

Detroit Become Human New Trailer

Shadow of the Colossus New Trailer

God of War New Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds New Trailer

The Hong Kong Massacre Reveal Trailer

The Last of Us Part 2 New Trailer

Credit for Outro Music-

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Htcuban4 says:

All this games look amazing, but am mostly exited for the Last of US 2!!

Creepy Senpai says:

Tbh you gotta be happy if you own a PS4 and a PC, that’s all you need. Xbox has no exclusives and especially since all their games come to PC

Sasha Alex says:

Concrete Genie ♥♥♥♥

crashpal says:

Always Loved Sucker Punch’s Works like Infamous Series And Sly Cooper Series So Ghost Of Tsushima is Gonna Be One Baddass Game

enrique figueroa says:

Watch Xbox fanboys flood the comment section with hate and lies


Post it here plss. Mobile user

D3LTA69 says:

Kratos is now a Jedi

B Krause says:

Tsu-shi-ma. Not Sushi-Hima!

Miggy says:

The Concrete Genie protagonist reminds me of Delsin Rowe. It isn’t just me right?

WowDude1029 says:

I’m not even trying to be a douche, but I’d suggest making sure you know how to pronounce names correctly. I’ve noticed in a few videos that titles and names have been mispronounced. Also, maybe try and describe things a little differently. Not everything that’s popular needs to be “one of the most iconic games of this generation”. Try something new. Just thoughts

Drazen Peric says:

Why is everyone crying that these games wont be on PC or xbone. Just buy a PS4 they are cheap as fuck nowdays

ilthraldren says:

🙁 wish they were coming to pc to 🙁

Chihan Lee says:

Detroit …… is that the same house from Heavy Rain?

LoomisPC says:

Well, none of these interest me at all except for the last of us 2. *sigh*

vincewooo says:


asifur rahman says:

Nintendo Switch shows n taught us power isnt everything when it comes to video games. If u have the talent behind ur console u can made the best out of it. thats why SONY has so many exclusive games n every single one is rocking the show alone.

kw c says:

sushi he ma and then sushi he men loool.. someone really likes sushi

smokeclouds8 says:

Ghost of Tsushima

Jonathan Rose says:

The Last of Us Part II

Haris Praba Aditya says:

there goes my money

Tomislav Vukic says:

So what,x box has a backwards compatibility hehehe

No cow level says:

Ghost of tsukikamehameha. <3 <3 <3

Ramtin Montazeri says:


darking omega says:

ghost of tsushima best than forhonor

vide0gameCaster says:

I really see no advantage of owning a spending 600 canadian dollars for the Xbox X when PS4 has the best exclusives.

The little brickshack says:

Lots of movie showing, no gameplay. Always the same with sony, creating a hype for movie cutscenes.

Iam Sir Z says:

PARIS stil safe ?!? amazing, no go zones bullshit

777 says:

I’m not a fan boy for either consoles since I own both PS4 and Xbox. Microsoft has Xbox live and a dying Halo franchise. But PS4 wins on every other level in terms of quality of games. If Sony ever created a unified online system that bettered Xbox live and offered a must have unique FPS they could reduce Microsoft console to a footnote. I ask my friends on Xbox why they feel Xbox is better than PS4 and they reply that 1) Hooked on Halo (dying) 2) Think Xbox live is better than PS4 online. 3) They can’t give up using Xbox Elite controller (PS4 has an Elite controller version on Amazon. I have one). I plan on getting Xbox One X cause I can, not cause I think it offers superior games. It offers some better graphics but not better quality and variety of games. I love God of War and The Last of Us ( the best games I’ve ever played in my life). I will always support both consoles cause I love playing games wherever they maybe. But if I was stuck on an island with only one console. It would have to be PlayStation.

zKingArthur7777z says:

Was anyone else annoyed how he couldn’t pronounce Ghost of Tsushima?
I mean it isn’t hard to pronounce, just look at how it’s spelled.
Tsu-shi-ma. Not tsu-shi-shi-ma. Pretty cut and dry. How do you mispronounce something that is literally spelled exactly how it sounds?
Other than that, looks like an awesome lineup for the PS4! Great vid, keep up the good work!

Caenir says:

Thank god I recently got a job (I’m 15), so I’ll hopefully be able to buy most of these. They all look promising to me, except Hong Kong Massacre, which I don’t think I’ll like.

Vigilante606 says:

Top games I want next year

All of them

Alistair Hallett says:

A Mongol invasion Samurai RPG! Tsushima looks very promising.

Raptorjesuslives says:

Xbox taking that L

DarkEndDragon_- says:

OMG… Hypeeeee. All of them games look amazing! Ghost of Tsushima, I’m so excited to see gameplay. When the Guy puts his mask on, he looks so badass!!!!!!!

Assa Ssin says:

Where the fuck is MONSTER HUNTER WORLD???????!

Lao Tzu says:

A game trailer without background music, and its about samurais…its gonna be good.

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