17 New Game Trailers 2018 – Today Announced, Released & Updates 31 August 2018

These are 20 Game Trailers revealed today 31 August 2018 for Pc, Ps4 & XBoxOne.

Games List:

00:05 Hitman 2
01:30 Shadow of The Tomb Raider
02:16 Hellpoint
03:21 Praey for The Gods
04:43 Stormdivers
05:34 Shadows Awakening
06:56 The Talos Principle
07:53 Blade & Soul
09:14 Bless Unleased
10:38 Fallout Miami
12:10 Fortnite
13:46 Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek
15:09 Secret Neighbor
16:30 Rapture Rejects
17:49 Party Hard 2
18:43 Lonely Mountains Downhill
19:35 Oriental Empires Update


K Picturee says:

Bless unleashed looks solid

Forrest Abbott says:

All these games suck

Rajender Thind says:

very very nice

jagernout hills says:

That shadow of colossus clone looks shitty asf

Raun Carswell says:

Now even though I’ll give The new Tomb Raider a go, who else is pissed off that Praey to the Gods basically IS Shadow of the Colossus and Stormdivers basically IS Fortnite (which people no longer give a crap about anymore already)?

Most of these games look/seem like uninspired copies of genres and games that have DONE it.

I will say though, I may give Hellpoint a go too since I love SoulsBorne like games.

SupremeSanda says:

Without Sony, the industry is dying, only interesting games in later 2018 = RDR2 & Sipder man and nothing else.

Jhoms Tanabe says:

bless looks like a combination of Eso + FF14 to beat WoW ^^

darken blade says:

Where’s the thumbnail picture from?

inuyasha says:

3:21 is that Shadow of the Colossus twin brother?

Pranksta1985 says:

Lol Prey For The Gods is desperate to be Shadow of the Colossus and fails, it looks shit.

amigos adios says:


Steels Gaming says:

all these trailers were all shit like damn more rts pls

Atcera says:

why does the new Tomb Raider look like its gonna be a poor man’s Prince of Persia

Phil. L. says:

One word for all of these games… BORING. Where is the fun in games anymore.

Mateus Santiago De Melo says:

I’ve played Blade and Soul for years on PC.

Glad they finally made a port. (They did promise it back on PS3)

Mark A says:

Bless unleashed!? are they really going to release the fucking game for a fifth times and think poeple will buy it? wtf

RigLancer says:

Me gusta mucho

He Man says:

tons of shit tier games

Kasper Salminen says:

Astronomer kiss outside deputy camp relief compromise trap search resistance.

ThatGuy says:

Praey for gods = New Shadow of Colossus

King says:

Most of these look pretty great and/or interesting. Not interested in Fortnight or Hello Neighbor though.

Dracul001X says:

New year, new games, new stuff and i’m still playing shitty Free to play mmorpgs ’cause my pc sucks…welp

Artillery Horse says:

Hitman2 of the jungle

Tyrone Kinchen says:

Hellpoint what was that garbage

JJ IronShirt says:

Does anyone else think the characters from Bless Unleashed look like they were ripped straight from Final Fantasy 11/14?
Pause at 10:27 and you will see humes, elezans and lalafels. How is this not a rip off?

Masterzbyg says:

Looking forward to the shadow of the Colossus rip off, I miss that game

Addickted 2 gaming says:


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