TOP 10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018: Fallout 76, Unholy, Call of Cthulhu, Battlefield 5, Hitman 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, Red Dead Redemption 2

List of Trailers:

0:00 Fallout 76

0:56 Call of Cthulhu

2:27 Battlefield 5

4:20 Gwent

5:00 Red Dead Redemption 2

5:55 Unholy

6:51 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

11:58 Space Hulk: Tactics

12:57 Hitman 2

14:17 Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales


Dreimar says:

Call of Cathulhu with Heilung sound scores?! Not sure but if thets official scores or just very similar style, anyway its amazing. Cathulhu Ftang!! That IP/setting still have so much potential for videogames.
@9.05 Thats a Pokeball!!! Call of Pokemon Zombie Duty XxX comfirmed!

Jhon aji says:

fallout 76 what the song

Jędrzej Cieślak says:

What music is at the end?

Hasibul Hossain Prantik says:

4th comment

Thomas Hicks says:


heather lewis says:

Red dead 2 :'( :'(

jin kazama says:

battlefield V ghetto wars…
edit: i mean BF1 my bad…

Marco marchisciana says:

Fallout is beautiful

Colonel Burton says:

Call me a bigot, but Battlefield 5 looks like shit.

SnakeDante says:

лучшие трейлеры, ха-ха-ха… лол.

nils hd says:

Fuck those anti-german Battlefield games..

SaLLy RoNo says:

6th comment

Lenno Windmüller says:

5th comment

artorias abyss walker says:

best?kidding me?

M.A.Z.I 1.3.8. says:


A piece of fucking sliced white bread! says:

All these games are shit and now I’m thinking perhaps I sould quite gaming, there is no future anymore.

Amante89 says:

What the name of musik at 15.55?

I bless the rains in white Africa says:

Explosions. Big Bois guns. White whamen. Monsters that just happen to be born evil. Evil genius trying to take over the world. Brutal killing techniques. The recipe for every goddamn successful shooter game.

dovydas žaidžia žaidimus says:

Wheres just cause 4

Punk Last says:

That moment u see battlefield nd just skip abit forward bcz of their marketing skills

Problem is the trailer makes the game look amazing ohh marketing teams… why

dip Patil says:

cod trailer are you serious?

Santiago Cascardo says:

I don’t know why but the thumbnail remain me of Biomutant

Merna Hoareau says:

Fallout 76 was not!!! What I was expecting lol XD

D. O. says:

Can’t be the only one who is tired of zombies now.

Jack Hades says:

call of duty finally fall to the bottom. R.I.P

Michael Ingling says:

All of them made me excited for thr game, and I haven’t even used my xbox in a year. And btw whats the last song?

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