TOP 10 BEST GAME TRAILERS 2018: Mortal Kombat 11, Far Cry: New Dawn, Conan: Unconquered, DOOM Eternal, Devil May Cry 5, Control, Anthem, Scavengers

0:00 Journey Ahead – Extended Cut (Playstation)

0:59 Scavengers

2:43 Far Cry: New Dawn

5:52 Pubg

8:24 Mortal Kombat 11

10:25 Conan: Unconquered

11:30 DOOM Eternal – 25 Years of DOOM

12:41 Control

14:25 Devil May Cry 5

18:02 Anthem


Maciek says:


Astor Wainwright says:

been waiting for anthem for a year now

Cor Smit says:

DMC looks like a shit JRPG

Niko Breakey says:

None of these games look like they are made by AAA companies apart from maybe two…

kahara says:

the best game trailers are mobile games

Tadael Tewabe says:

he should’ve put big chungus in it.

Random Dude says:

That PS4 ad is so gay

lakshay dhami says:

Thnx i appreciate your work. You done a great job of telling about new games. And I like new games

moha glade says:

omg , far cry is so fucked up , when will these devs learn we don’t want a colorfull world when we play post nuclear apocalypse , we want a grim dark dying world ,it doesn’t have to be rea;listic

Sơn Nguyễn says:

can sb give me all soundtracks xD

Motoryzen says:

8:44. ANd queue the stupid rap sprinkler music to ruin the vibe of this trailer. -_-

New chanter says:

Why is PUBG on this list ?.

Maciek says:


Turk says:

if you pre order Anthem or any game from a AAA company, you deserve the Fallout76 results.

89,855,234 views says:

10:57 He looks like THOR

Tymoteusz Gancarz says:


Морковь Письман says:

Not interesting. No one.

froggymusicman says:

There’s a small hint for you : Whenever you see soldiers with no head protection, then you know the game is going to be crap.
There’s simply no way around that fact.

Wibin Ayinikat says:

which is that last song playing at the end of anthem trailer..the like subscribe & thank you for watching section?

ололо says:

ps4: upscale 30 fps greatness awaits.

Sebas Montes says:

What kind of DLC is that Far Cry trying to look shit?

Man I was hopping to BFV to be great but it seems to be not as good as a bf should be

One of the games that kept me up to 2019, red dead redemption 2, bfv maybe, Spiderman, metro exodus (love that trilogy) and maybe if they decide to remaster MW2 but it has to be as broke as it was and you can try to put new stuff but don’t break it like MW remaster that was almost a different game completely

Yashvir Singh says:

Pubg shouldn’t be in this list

Team Alpha says:

Dope Team Alpha Gaming Approves 😉

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