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This is a thanks to all of you subscribers and followers who have given me so much support over the years. My channel is almost at 60K subscribers and I cannot be happier (Unless it reaches 100K one day :))
I sincerely want to thank you all for following my channel and loving the music that I myself love so much! I cannot express more love for all of you, I don’t have words to describe how thankful I am to all of you for following me through everything.
This mix is to all of you guys first and the epic music lovers out there. I hope you enjoy, share and comment about your views. Love you all!!
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[Position Music] Tom Player – Desolation – 00:00:00
Christian Baczyk – Exosphere – 00:05:06
Max Legend – Intrusive – 00:07:12
Revolt Production Music – In Ascendance – 00:08:42
Gothic Storm – Land Of The Ice Creatures – 00:11:13
Norman Duck – Apocalypse – 00:13:31
Revolt Producton Music – Experiment 12 – 00:16:26
Revolt Production Music – Autonomous – 00:18:58
[Position Music] Tom Player – Resonance Theory – 00:21:36
Julia Saltflower – Launch The Battleship – 00:24:06
Revolt Production Music – Another Evolution – 00:27:24
RS Soundtrack – In Control – 00:30:21
[Position Music] Danny Cocke – Metamorphosis
Max Legend – The Path – 00:38:18
Gothic Storm – The Ice Hunters – 00:40:49
Adam Peters – The underground – 00:42:56
Revolt Production Music – Hour Upon Hour – 00:45:42
Gothic Storm – Dark Winter – 00:48:02
[Position Music] Tom Player – Forever Lost – 00:50:07
Phantasmal Music – Gryphon Rider – 00:53:21
Revolt Production Music – Cybernetic Mutation – 00:56:12
[Position Music] Dammy Cocke – The Quickening – 00:58:29
Julia Saltflower – Dragon Strenght – 01:01:47
Gothic Storm – Blizzard Quest – 01:08:28
Max Legend – Duellum – 01:10:42
[Position Music] Adam Peters – Saboteur – 01:12:43
Revolt Production Music – Xenos – 01:16:04
[Position Music] Adam Peters – Exposure – 01:19:03
Revolt Production Music – Down To Nothing – 01:21:35
Titan Slayer – Invictus – 01:21:38
Revolt Production Music – Demons – 01:28:19
[Position Music] Tom Player – Takedown – 01:29:06
Eden – Darkness Of The Storm – 01:32:02
Revolt Production Music – Dissimulation – 01:35:44
[Position Music]Tom Player – Blade of Blood – 01:38:27
Round 1 – Viking Uprising – 01:41:08
[Position Music] Adam Peters – Restitution – 01:43:27
Alex Silva – Rise – 01:46:24
[Position Music] Tom Player – In Flames – 01:49:36
Revolt Production Music – Augmentation – 01:52:09
Salim Daima – From Ashes – 01:54:06
[Position Music] Danny Cocke – Enigma – 01:55:50
Revolt Production Music – Shadowlands – 01:58:54
Emil J. Hobinger – Ride For Glory – 02:01:28
Titan Slayer – Prometheus – 02:04:48
[Position Music] Danny Cocke – Reborn – 02:08:13
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Be aware this channel is only for promotion purpose.
All music belongs to the original creators.

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Divinum Music says:

10000 Crossed 🙂 I love you guys <3 Thank you so much ^_^

W.D Gaster says:


Arturo Gamer says:


Thomas Lefèvre says:

Sooo good, merci 🙂
This channel despite soo mooore view !

RealmOfAeon says:

pictures link plz 😀

Pronto_Guap says:


The productive Geek says:

the best music ever

The productive Geek says:


TMHD Electrix says:

Is this yours or is it copyrighted?

Titanic21 says:

Amazing Mix

Game time says:

makes me feel evil

CrazyRainbow Monkey says:


Bianca T. says:

It starts with Desolation … – i already know, the next two hours are getting EPIC !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

Bubba D says:

I just played 2 hours of Overwatch to this music

Timothy Cone says:

What is the name of the first song please

Theconfusilingmasters says:

I was playing two hours of happy wheels

thiago fonseca says:

I once playied this when I was playing unturned, I killed everyone in a base raid 😀

Esther Drmz says:

new subscriber here~ love this compilation~ keep up the good work! <3

Gilleto says:

Wow man,this is INTENSE AF

Epic Music Movie says:

Merci / thank you

Rasmus Otto-Larsen says:

A bit bland if you ask me. Not as uplifting as other mixes I’ve listened to.

ColorfulTornadoGaming 101 says:

fucking kill me now

crossover CAAD says:

dammit extra bass headphones!

Some Random Person Person says:

played dota 2 to this music and became a god

teremai666 says:

Makes questing in WOW less boring 😛


Epic start

SoStupidVids SSV says:

So helped me with Halo 5, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and battlefield 1

Alvatrooper547 says:

DAAAAANG it it was 2:11:22 dang it not 2 hours@!

deadpool trell says:

its okay i play bo3 when its on its a really great song you know

Lukas Sturm says:

first track reminds me of “requiem for a dream”

Bito G says:

I was playing capture the flag on call of duty: infinite warfare I sniped people alot, also on a 5 kill streak. So thank you for making this music, and good-bye.

Teeh Fya says:

To skeerry

VictorPlaysLOTR says:

I destroyed two countries on civilisation V ( civilization if you’re American).



Pervy Bell says:

I have no idea why but in the first pic the women in the right reminded me of Guts from berserk.

Sunny17 Dude says:

God this is amazing

Teens Saboon says:

good music if you play tactic games like, Cossacks 3 or bloons td battle.

Generic Elitist says:

Was listening to this, and I was playing Insurgency…
I ended up being the last person alive on my team, capturing a point, killed about 6 people until I got shot in the head by a guy who said “peek-a-boo!”
Everyone on my team started freaking the fuck out, one guy even damned me to hell. It was funny, made my day x’D

Ali Almukhtar says:

Very nice music thanks

Drake LaMontagne says:


MiteX says:

1:36:00 Epic Start

BUckENbooz says:

I wouldn’t mind my life being in danger all the time if it looked like it did in some of these thumbnails.

HiKinGeR says:

Nice !
Where can I find the pictures ?

BUckENbooz says:

11:15 did you really have to include this Harry Potter shit

Joseph Martin says:

More than uplfting!!!

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