World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer

The Burning Legion’s assault on Azeroth launches next summer. Get an early look at the coming invasion in the World of Warcraft: Legion opening cinematic. For more info on the game, or to join the beta, head to


The Rook says:

Man I can’t wait to play this game!!!

solo WOW says:


berkay aymelek says:

Is that archer girl bloodelf ??

My Insanity Will Be says:

I now believe as you do.
The peace is the nobelist aspiration.
But to preserve it… you must be willing to fight!

acorr14 says:

3:29 Varian could dodge it, why couldn’t Vol’Jin?

Jose Rodolfo says:

Why Varian was working together with Sylvanas?? I didn’t get that part

Magicna Olovka says:

i love more horde but varian is so cool shame he died…

Luc Vandermeer says:

WOTLK whas te best

Ken G says:

Where were the Kirin Tor and the Knights of the Ebon Hold for this battle? Where were the Heroes of the Alliance and the Horde? It looked like it was just the different leaders, and a bunch of peons/guards.

Would really like to see a trailer in the vein of the old World Of Warcraft trailers. Where we get to see each class in action fighting the Demons. As a Death Knight main, the only representation Death Knights have had is the Lich King stomping around a frozen tundra looking stoic. Let us enjoy one of these cinematic’s with Demon Hunters and Death Knights doing their thing.

Star Kerbal says:

My therapist, a terrible expansion has come to my account, as before it seeks to consume all of my real life, I go to play it, knowing i may not return. All my life i have lived by WoW, I’ve seen players trolled, and watched stupid murlocs die, its been difficult for me to play, after wasting so much of my life, but from you i have learned to take occasional breaks, therapist i now believe as you do, that health is somewhat important, but to preserve it you must be willing to play.


Shubham Meena says:

some of this are fake

TheFrisb says:

Did somebody say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?

WhiteBones says:

Just when you thought your fellow alliance capital airship was indestructible when horde airships were being destroyed left and right and then this happends.

Thorhammer Cairne says:

Props to Blizzard on Varian’s model in CGI. He looks like a grizzled, battle scarred warrior that’s seen it all, but he’ ain’t done fighting just yet. Spot on.

Darth Sidious says:

I’ve literally thought he would say “My son, the day you born…”

ThatCombat says:

Missing mop but this is fine.

Rarex says:

I think World of warcraft could work as a fully cgi animated feature instead of live action.

masteroftheassassins says:

For Azeroth!!!!!

Firelord 111 says:

waiting for wow remastered in 2100

FoolishGamer says:

Man I gotta say. I’ve never played WoW or Warcraft, but I went on a video spree all about WoW. Cinematics, lore, and character stories and history. Everything put together from beginning to now, this is the best story writing I’ve ever seen. stories and lores like lord of the rings don’t come close. The characters, the things they did, their history, is just amazing. You never know what will happen. There are 2 factions and most people just assume horde are the evil ones because undead, orcs, and things like that are typically considered evil. That’s not necessarily true here. Each faction has it’s own races, it’s own politics, it’s own traditions, and neither is really good nor bad. Each faction has its ups and downs, and I love it how it’s made so it’s not easy deciding 100% on a side. Yea horde and alliance have endless problems with each other, but they do come together to defeat a greater evil. Both sides have done good, and both sides have done bad. This story doesn’t just throw a bunch of pointless action together with something truly evil constantly trying to destroy the world, but it also did a great job on character development. There never is a pointless death in WoW. And 1 action always leads to another event. Blizzard, I applaud you. Would love the entire story starting from Warcraft 1 up until now to be made into a series of movies. I watched Warcraft and loved it. Now GO MAKE MORE!!! I quit playing MMOs because recently any MMO I’ve played had just very poor lore and story design. And While they had some good moments, it all just came back to oh wolves are a danger to us go kill them. Get to end game, take down some baddy, and still don’t really know much about the lore, or the characters. I know like who the king was but that’s it… Nothing about the actual characters themselves. I am about to buy WoW and start playing MMOs again. Is it worth starting the game now?

Tuuralihn says:

8 years ago I said: “Why does the Warcraft movie have to be live action? Why not give the cinematic people $100 million and have them make a feature movie?” They laughed. Now I laugh, then cry a little.

Fission Chips says:

Whos watching this in 2018

Wakil Kambing Biri-Biri Malaysia says:

why am i crying

Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, Parodies says:

Play of the game……… King Varian Wrynn

alb0star says:

at 0:55 the Guardsman are like : This is Fine,

while the ship is geting bombed hahahaha

The Rook says:

The song in the background is called Azeroth’s last hope if anyone wanted to know

Mircea Saioc says:

poor camera man, he got drown, and then killed by a demon in the end of the video..

solo WOW says:

i love wow

Tomha says:

2:47 mfw the group about to wipe

hanzo shimada says:

sister: get off your pc

me: my life is forrrrrrrrrrr aiurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
oh wait the horde

Zbyšek Pantůček says:

For the Horde.. For the Alliance.. FOR AZEROTH!

David Nagy says:


The Rook says:

I remember when this came out I was in English class and my teacher got called out into the hall just as he played a video and I got this full version of the add, it was awesome, me and my entire class got to behold the beauty of world of Warcraft.

farhad freeman says:

What an amazing lad

Slyy Godzz says:

what is the song to this

Eldren Andao says:

Fighting for Honor very cool

AriRawwwrrOfficial says:

Sylvanas looks so weird in this one……..

Tropical Magic says:

Wow Varian is back

Nikola Krsmanovic says:

So all classes are now balanced in PVP ? Or am i wrong can some1 tell me ?

mhoz says:

I think the strongest character in Warcraft World is the camera man because he didn’t die after received lethal moves for many times..

KhRaUs TV says:

And Blizzard failed again!!!

Itz_Judy says:

this so sick! I can’t wait to play it!

Private Citizen says:

This is how the Warcraft movie should have looked like, one big 2 hour cinematic in blizzards quality CG, not with real actors and Ragnar Lothbrok

Eclipse CeLL says:

legion is by far the best cinematic trailer

Lolstream says:

When varian said i may not return, that was metzens farewell to us 🙁

Paweł Koziełło says:

This looks less CGI than the actual Warcraft movie……………………………………………

Santiago Gamboa Devotto says:

Can you imagine a Warcraft movie with these graphics in CGI? , I do not know about us , but I would not bother to see something like this at all

mario kraljevic says:

waring kingdom garen

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