W40K: Inquisitor – Martyr | NEW Game Cinematic!

Brand new Cinematic trailer for the recently released ARPG Inquisitor – Martyr. Purge in the Emperor’s name! The game is available on PC, PS4 and XBOX ONE.

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KommissarKek says:

Scions failing to live up to their reputation here. Reee!

rarron says:

Quick question does someone know what the big ass thing at the end is? It looks like a great unclean one to me but I am not sure … ^^

Sephvion says:

I didn’t just hear a Wilhelm scream, did I? Come on lol.

wierdlifedude says:

welp, it is settled, everytime i watch a 40k vid or triler i cum in pants: note to self keep a spare pare of tchem at my laptope in a clas box that says: “in case ofnew 40k vid, break glass”…

Rukasu says:

For the emperor

Glendarior says:


Michaelz says:

i love seing nurgles in action. We need more cinematics like this… we need whole movie like this!

BMWALSH15 says:

>with assault cannon

0/10 worst game ever.


Timothys Fraud! says:

What’s the name of the space marine Armor color that has the awesome black and gold?

airsoftwhermatch says:

Why would they make it a ARPG… A 3rd person or 1st person story is so much more intriguing.
Also, what I can’t stand is the half assed nature of these games, too small studios no proper games. Not even space hulk deathwing was properly made. We have no proper Warhammer games thats a fps.

Chapter Master Valrak says:

One of the best cinematics I’ve ever watched.

Nana Nyarko says:

W3ll hopefully we can get a 40k first person shooter or something

Orikpio says:

2:01 Hell yeah I got the first wilhelm scream comment!

Bob Arkham says:

Hey Valrak, you ever think they’ll allow mods? I’d like to see this system in a hive city, doing like investigations, grilling npcs, dialogue trees all that.

Vanguard Veteran says:

RIP Storm Troopers!!! ;-;

Gregory Lelievre says:

I come to set straight that which is twisted; to cleanse that which is unclean; to judge he who is guilty; to punish he who has sinned. These things I do in the name of the most holy God-Emperor of Mankind, and I do them gladly !

Tanth1982 says:

I’d rather they fix dem servers. Praise omnissiah!

Time on my hands says:

See. This is why we need a 40k themed soulslike.

Matthew Hansen says:

Think we’ll be able to get the armor he’s wearing???

Marcus Örneståhl says:

Love the plauge marines…god damn….

Masters Of Greatness says:

If dawn of war soulstorm or one of those games had the graphics and brutality of inquisition martyr

Abbadon380 says:

beautiful this cinematic feels good it feels absolutely 40k

Martin Pettersen says:

Where is the HD version?

Lord Inquisitor says:

Your average day in the 41st millennium

Connor Chenery says:

i love me some 40k animation but if this isnt the worst one ive ever seen (personal opinion), the sound design was boring and stock while the choreography was slow and uninspired.

Orka DRLJAČA says:

now thats badass cinematic…everything done right, the chills the feels the musics the what ever…..its just perfect..and incapsulets wh40k grimdark soooo nice

Muller Potgieter says:

That was some Blizzard level cinematics. It was so fucking awesome

Mr D says:

That was amazing

Deltor147 says:


Cato Sicarius says:

We needa a lasgun fix bayonet simulator 2019

SofaBear says:

aaaah hell yes

MadCowCrazy says:

fucking wilhelm scream ruins every fucking movie and game cinematic. So this cinematic is suppose to be a comedy? You only use the wilhelm scream as a joke. It isn’t funny, it isn’t clever and it hasn’t been for 50 years.

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