Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers (1080p)

Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers: Star Wars, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft

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List of games:

0:00 Star Wars: The Old Republic “Betrayed”

6:02 Beyond Good and Evil 2

9:40 Overwatch Cinematic Trailer

15:21 Assassin’s Creed 3

18:14 World of Warcraft “Old Soldier”


Cailin Vinnicombe says:

I love the Assasin’s Creed Trailer!

Luciano Mialu says:



MajorMoron says:

where´s the witcher trailer ffs

Joseluui Jg says:

21:03 who is he?

Michael Hicks Jr says:

Is it just me or is their unrealeast characters on 10:14

Caleb Prado says:

Why did you have the trailer for AC 3 but not the trailer for AC 4 Black Flag??? It’s so much better

Alain 1671 says:

warcraft looks amazing

Palaash Atri says:

The Star Wars and the AC3 trailers are badass! Only AC3 was closer to what was promised though. Graphics, story, gameplay and all!

KuroiAllen says:

For the Horde!!!

michaela the awsome one says:

Rip horsey

Akash Jadhav says:

what is the name of the game

Venom_Lizard 22 says:

at first i thought the first one was legend of kora but then i realised it was too realistic

Nightlorddemon gaming greek says:

The boy from overwatch cinematic was like ezreal

Aloan Moreira says:

actually PS5 gameplay graphics 😀

Cadmus Curtis says:

The game with the chimp makes me want to kill myself

Matt 0705 says:

14:11 hehe

UniqueliA says:

Welp puberty hit bellen hard

tnykuuh says:

the video runs at like 10fps, unwatchable…

Jennie Blink says:

C’est quoi la date prévue de la sortie du jeu Star Wars the old republic ?

P4sTwI2X Gaming says:

I kinda don’t like Star Wars, but that was damn epic.

chondro hadi says:

Why always stupid kid grow up became villain

Morax says:

What?? No Diablo 2??

jood AL - ghamdi says:


Nightlorddemon gaming greek says:

The world of Warcraft I choose was the epikiest cinematics ever what do you say guys do you agree the wow is the epickiest cinematic ever?

Kenny En says:

Я что 6 минут смотрела трейлер звездных войн?

Kyte says:

They should just make CGI movies of these instead of cutscene clips for the games

A Salad says:

Monkey with a fuckin infinity gauntlet

ShinobiSpec says:

shit taste

Hannah Wisdom says:

It’s sad when the cinematics and trailers are beautiful and the game doesn’t live up to it at all

Nuushie boiu says:

Those swearing animals


you have to but TOMB RAIDER 2013 trailer in this list dude!

Hitler Kun says:

that overwatch trailer was awesome? fucking cringe.

JohnThe Champ says:

Why does the thumbnail look like a child version of Jenna marbles?

Lukas Scheer says:

it felt like i am in a movie with these trailers

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