Top 5 AWESOME Video Game Music Cinematic Trailer

Top 5 Awesome Video Game Music Cinematic Trailers: League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, Dead Island, War Thunder, Smite! Leave a comments which one of these you like? Enjoy and have a good day 🙂


00:01 Get Jinxed – Jinx Music Video – League of Legends

02:44 SMITE Cinematic Trailer – ‘To Hell & Back’

06:39 Dead Island 2 Cinematic Trailer

09:48 Assassin’s Creed: Unity World Premiere Cinematic Trailer

13:17 War Thunder – ‘Heroes’ Trailer


monica vuong says:

The second was from Asgard

SparksFly says:

Admit it, you came for the thumbnail.

You’re a bad person.

framerplays ;-; says:

Jinx kind of reminds me of junkrat from overwatch laso she haces no boobs

Lazy Racoon101 says:

Oh wow the 1st game shows a stupid crazy girl and shes singing im guessing shes crazy just because she likes killing robots

Michael Mandal says:


Juninho Brazil says:

Mim ajuda a chegar a 100

钟沛霖 says:

As all we know, Riot is a music company

Zak Ptitbol says:

War thunder❤️

Melissa Cameron says:

first thing is reminding me of justcause three when rico rides the missle

Alberto Fries says:

Who Here thinks Jinx deserves her own game they even already have a trailer and a song.

Juanpablo Montoyac says:

I Luv dead island xd

0ins says:

League of legends is the biggest jabait game ever

WarlokIII Third says:

Where “Go tell aunt Rhody”?

José Vera says:

Jinx nuetro personaje con esquisofrenia preferido del lol :v

Infinyte - FTW says:

Please tell me I’m not the 9nly one who a dirty idea in their head with the thumbnail

Z4za Ader says:

The music of Borderlands 2 ?

Justin Soto says:

The dead island trailer is old

Dogo Dog says:

When the game doesn’t look so interesting but it has good music

Squatting Gopnik says:

Saw a great porno with jinx cosplay;)

Emilyn Montejo says:

Who’s watching brcause of the thumbnail….

mR. wigleegiggle5 says:

That dead island trailer was much more fitting for the actual feel and ambiance of the game, instead of that other really dramatic backward moving piano one with the family in the hotel.

Ben Glaser says:

What about Fall of Cybertron?

Chris Laurence says:

League of Legends trailers are amazing… too bad the game is trash.

DeepbloodEclipse says:

Just like in the game, Bellona just toys with her opponents.

RY_of The_fallen11247 says:

Weres the Witcher 3 at

Wael Harb says:


Zlatan Kadir says:

AC revelations?

Sebastian Bock-Henriksen says:

Kan i lave en slime rancher video i dag?

REX117UNSC says:

What happend to titanfall 2

RaceMan 1 says:

Where the wither 3?

Bruce Dickson says:

Nicely put together; yet, aren’t these everything which is DISTURBED, COMMERCIAL and PATHOLOGICAL about video game tech? You have inadvertently composed a compilation which tends to show up in congressional hearings around the world where restrictions on v-games are argued.

Ruby Sapphire says:

I literally see nothing

Grzegorz Sochacki says:

Cyberpunk2077 teaser trailer music from 2012 is cool

Susan Rojo says:

Assains creed awasome

Йорги Валлапер says:


Andtlj 090 says:

Why was the Americans killing the Americans?

Javier Carballo says:

SMITE foreva <3

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