Top 10: Most Epic Video Game Cinematic Trailers (1080p)

The Best Top 10: Most Epic Video Game Cinematic Trailers in High Quality (1080p), Enjoy!

Gears of War 4 – Tomorrow (0:00)
The Witcher 3 – A Night To Remember (0:56)
Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void (5:03)
Assassin’s Creed 3 (8:06)
Batman: Arkham Origins (11:01)
Overwatch Cinematic Trailer (15:42)
DOOM – Fight Like Hell (21:26)
For Honor – World Premiere Trailer (22:25)
World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (24:56)
Final Fantasy 14 – Flames of Truth (29:11)

Who’s awesome? *You’re awesome!*

For Honor, Gears of War 4, Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, Overwatch, Doom, Final Fantasy, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!


Jhonatan Languasco says:

Overwatch could have been better if they had just run with this idea and made a single player where you can rise to become one of them

JImmy Zhang says:

29:13 What is the game?

Michael Haney says:

That last trailer was a combination of two things actually. The first was the epic finale to Final Fantasy XIV, the original version of the game that failed. That cutscene was the very last thing players saw before the servers were shut down. It then became the back story for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. The second half is a cut scene from the Binding Coil of Bahamut raid. It reveals what happened after Bahamut laid waste to Eorzea. If I say more it is a major spoiler for anyone still interested in playing the game. FFXIV is the #2 MMORPG in the world right now.

ChWiTiBiClimothy says:

Rise of iron?

Milo Septett says:

Ïm glad one wow trailer is in here, but Warlords isnt the best trailer. The best trailer for every wow lore fanatic, is the Lich King trailer. “My son, the day you were born the very forests of Lorderoan whisperd the name.. Aarthasss…. *Lich king Awakens*

That bit always gets to me.

Adolf Shitler says:

the overwatch one was my favourite

Ret I love you israel Bo says:


D. Haines says:

hehe xD 1st comment

Panda DesIIgner says:

4th comment, really? okay

twinslive says:

Bloodborne shoulda been on here

Charlemagne The King says:

17:52 Harambe: body donated to science

TheKiller Lol says:

GG !!! Nice vid 🙂 Epic trailers :)))))))

Shadow Clone says:


Louis Stylianou says:

awesome videos !!!

Eunchan Hong says:

awesome things, anyway what’s the name of the last trailer??

SpartanSm7 119 says:

gears 4 the saddest trailer

DoubleGoon says:

Top 10 trailers, and you waste one spot for a boring Gears of War teaser trailer with crummy graphics. The woman and child look really fake and the whole flashback scene is so cliche that it’s hard to watch.

Ozone Harbinger says:

honestly i thought the overwatch trailer was horrible i only liked the ending but the rest of the video as a whole is amazing

RobertsDigital says:

The CGI from the witcher is incredible. The CGI design of the woman before she transformed into that witch is outstanding. I am very impressed by the design technology used. Some people are really good at making CGI while some are not. Remarkable.

Xloub says:

Hey ubisoft your trailers are awesome… which game me an idea… Make trailers! Not movies, not games, not even short movies or phone games etc. JUST TRAILERS… at least then noone will be disappointed.

Максим Высотин says:

“Trailering” by its own is not that makes money, for now at least… and it seems almost certain to me that game developers not making trailers for their games by themselfs… Old Republic trailers, for example.

Sampsonneed says:

Every single time I see the Assassins Creed one I get chills.

Erick de viking says:

The witcher and ac3. Damn good trailers damn good games.

Xavier Hannan-Moon says:

What about for honour?

Aaron Buenaventura says:

no diablo 3?

teekayy says:

Dead Island Trailer was a cool one too.

ahmad hamizan says:

the witcher trailer. which contract is that?

Aviatorwolf573 says:

I will most certainly not subscribe! there should have been a Halo game on here, and almost everything in here was Blizzard. Your fetish for Blizzard clouds your judgement ..

Erick Alfaro says:

what’s the name of the song in gears of war 4

Jude Minecart says:

why is battlefield 1 not there

mad monkey 17 says:

i don’t like overwatch cuz its a rip off of teamfortress 2 in my opinion

Nicholas Lee says:

Of all the WoW cinematics they choose the worse xpac lol

Paul Veldman says:

where the heck is bf1?

김대진 says:

did michael bay direct ff14 trailer?

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