Top 10 MOST CINEMATIC Video Games

Welcome to Top10Archive! Over the course of time, video games have gone through many transformations. What started as pixelated adventures for lovable characters like Mario and Luigi have evolved into elaborate experiences that rival most Hollywood endeavors in depth and substance. For this gamer installment, we’re going to explore cinematic video games, taking a look at ten games that have a heavy focus on substance over mechanics.

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10. Final Fantasy VII
9. Call of Duty Series
8. Resident Evil
7. Shadow of the Colossus
6. L. A. Noire
5. Mass Effect
4. The Last of Us
3. Any Quantic Dream Title
2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
1. The Order: 1886


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MANNY~EmberDim says:

G’stuff! I myself enjoy a bit of both worlds, Both the cinematic stuff and the gameplay as well!

For me, however! The most important thing has always been the Story! maybe a top 10 videogame stories is in order? Just a suggestion! ^^

Liam Wotherspoon says:

Top 10 facts on Uruguay please?

connor byrne says:

Telltale games?

computerssuck93 says:

The only thing call of duty gives way to is a headache… And if were talking about purely the cinematic moments in game (and nothing to do with the gameplay itself) the Battlefield series annihilates call of duty. Having played both series, call of duties cinematic look like battlefields normal gameplay. Oh yeah how could u leave out Halo??

Knightess says:

You had me at the Raiden thumbnail. <3

Daniel Allred says:

“– Kepkon–”
I’m done.

Da Illuminati says:

Hey man you forgot one good thing on this list..


Alex xeon says:

Really? No crysis 2 or crysis 3?

Chris H says:

Games that focus on story are most of the time trash. I would never watch a movie that I had to stop and do some random activity that I don’t like every 5-10 minutes. That is also why I never liked Shadow of the colossus and also will probably not like The Last Guardian.

Kuro Ana says:

How can you not  add something from Blizz?

nathan alvarado says:

top 10 Elvis Presley facts

Candi Kane 浜野 says:

I thought this vid was gonna be a top 10 for mortal kombat X but it’s still good… 🙂 Excellent work, +Top10Archive !!!

Jon Snow says:


Sir Digby Chicken Caesar says:

No Bioshock Infinite?

Super Crazy says:

what happened to infinity ward?

Jeff TheDragonSlayer says:

GTA San Andreas??? Vice City???

Kelsie Ward says:

The Resident Evil series rocks!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!

Felix Arvidulf0000 says:


Chris Steele says:

Hello 🙂

Markos Kallinikos says:

SPOILERA ALERT!Omg i love shadow of the collossus.I used to play it when i was little.

Ben Carson says:

The order is basically a movie Ayy lmao!!!

Don Hussein says:

God of War??

ByGuardian ZX says:

i believe you missed mafia 2

Jusef Kalid says:

Nice video!

Jeffry Wilson says:

FF VIII was way more cinematic than FF VII.

SKY COT says:

what about (Life Is Strange)?

Justin Jangles says:

Wait… Baz Luhrmann? Could you please tell me your thoughts on sunscreen?

Vince says:

An odd top ten.

Unofficial Legacy says:

Life Is Strange?

Johnny Xing says:

What about mortal kombat 9 and x?

Kenshin [Iris Dust] Himura says:

My friends always tell me I live under a rock and I can see why, out of all of these game series mentioned, I’ve only played 2. :/

Big Boss says:

MGS3 was better.

Nostalgic Bog says:

I have a top 10 idea.
Top 10 Mysterious YouTube Channels

Alonso Solórzano says:

Make a Top 10 about the most famoust game cancellations, for example the new Silent Hill. And then also a Top 10 about mysterious and less known games that were announced but we never heard from them again, like that game called Sadness that was announced for the Nintendo Wii and we never heard from it again.

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