Top 10 Most Anticipated Cinematic Action Games in 2015 / 2016

Welcome to the skilled channel and today we’re talking about games that rival hollywood movies. These cinematic games feature over the top action, top notch acting, and a lot of excitement. Many of these are returning franchises that have reached a new level of maturity. With the graphic capability of modern consoles and PCs it’s possible to create much more realistic and immersive games. So let’s take a look at the Top 10 Most Anticipated Cinematic Action games.

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Al Sal says:

uncharted 4 I can’t wait but mafia 3 is gonna be cool too

Jhonatas Mendes says:

I think Horizon – Zero Dawn and Mass Effect Andromeda should’ve been on that list. These, along with Uncharted 4 and Quantum Break, are my most antecipated games for next year. 2016 is going to be great.

B3N4-L1F3 Frianeza says:

OGM can’t wait for this game uncharted 4, tomb raider, final fantasy xv and division

InfiniteXF says:

Scalebound looks like Sword Art Online

JoyStick Matt says:

can’t wait for uncharted 4

Nathan m says:

no Crysis 4 ? was hoping for another round with the Nanosuit.

Blogger Who BR - Gameplays de FPS & Shooters says:

Can’t wait for all of them!

Game Hunter says:

Homefront, Final Fantasy, Scalebound but no Horizon Zero Dawn?

Daithi N says:

you’d want to check the date the Vietnam war ended pal.


cant wait for uncharted 4

Cameron Phillips says:

Anybody Excited as I am about home front

Grey Crimson says:

So i can’t play the next Final Fantasy game 🙁 I’m PC only….

A.L Ndoh says:

I remember seeing some weird tomb raider that was virtually like an rpg but this one is pretty good. All in a shell, the games are cool, though those VR stuffs are pretty shitty esp that horror one. Gears 4 and Uncharted are my favorites though I suspect Santa Monica Studios has a trick up their sleeves and they are saving it for last as usual 😉

yayaspider says:

4 xbox exclusives…FML wtf sony

Outlaw Q says:

Ppl were so mad that they aren’t Italian in a mafia game and think its for political  correctness

Mathis Lambert says:

C’msn. What A Great Idja. exercise shape What’s happenlng.. !!!

TheKSH991 says:

The Quantum break thing was already attempted by defiance , didn’t turn out so well , I hope this one does it right

rasabapir says:

uncharted 4

Nathan m says:

Mafia 3!!!

Jegyo J. says:

Quantum Break looks really great! I wish that it would be for ps4 too, but oh well…

Илона Хай says:

англиш ретардс)))

NeUtRoN-gaming says:

Why don’t games come out for Xbox 360 in 2016 !!!!?!!!!?!!!?!!!!! So annoying !!!!

Sam Parker says:

mafia 3 is going to be one game i am going to get

Eric Nick says:

I pefer Assassin’s Creed compared to CoD.

TheKSH991 says:

Wth is up with the fps of scalebound

Earl Gilbert says:

Wtf where’s halo 5

Psycho Dad says:

So far my fav cinematic game is uncharted 3 hands down

Outlaw Q says:

the Uncharted 4 wait is FUCKIN.KILLING.ME. UGH…FUCK

heyitskaraa says:

Is there any alike lara croft/assassins creed games because I’m struggling,I’m basically really really picky with games.

Outlaw Q says:

for Uncharted 4 its not 7 Years anymore its 3 or 4 now. while the description on the video(s) hasn’t changed, on the official site the time span is shorter. also rice not sand bags and March 18th not 8th (sadly). that’s the Division’s release date though, 10 days before Uncharted 4

Jeremy Clarkson says:

Where’s Horizon Zero Dawn???

The Last Trap God says:

The hype for Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End is so real I can’t even explain it! The same goes Final Fantasy XV and shockingly (to me at least) Black Ops 3. Quantum Break and Scalebound look amazing (especially Scalebound), and Homefront looks very intriguing. The only game that wasn’t here that *should* have been, is The Last Guardian. That game looks spectacular as well. Great video as usual!

Devgamer346 Twitch streamer says:

Can’t wait till uncharted 4 and are u gonna stream today

Lifeno_ 9527 says:

Uncharted 4 only for PS4 and Quantum Break only for Xbox One… Fuck!

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