Top 10: Cinematic Video Games

Cinematic video games are something oft desired by fans, and certain games like Red Dead Redemption or Mass Effect do this effectively and with style. TGN partner Moxness counts down the Top 10 Cinematic Video Games.

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born legit says:

im writing this comment before watching the video and i swear to god if uncharted is not on this list im gonna flip my shit

Mr Potato says:

What about the witcher 3

Dandalorean says:

MGS should be #1… oh! And what about another game called um… uh… UNCHARTED?!?!?!?!?

tito fauzan fauzan says:

im kinda miss red dead redemption

Jemi Lee says:


Deadwolf says:


Wolfgang-Grimmer says:

two words , heavy rain.

Alejo Miranda says:

Troy Baker acts in at least 3 games in this list: Bioshock, MGS V, and TLOU.

Andy M says:

Really? Seriously? No Uncharted? Uh… Whatever

UnkeptMoss328 says:

And where is heavy rain?

Cladpladpalidan says:

UNCHARTED!!!!!!!! I am not mad at the list you put out, but Uncharted is like that summer blockbuster, indiana Jones movie that had to be on the list.

BWhales says:

Where is the walking dead game and gta v

Destroyer craft says:


Mutsu Kazuma says:

mgs V has no story

francis kanje says:

oh come on there’s no asuras wrath ?????

niVeN says:

No Witcher? come on!!

abomanalsnowkat112 says:

Look at all these screechers. Chill, guys. This isn’t the end-all be-all of top tens lists. Last of Us is good. Halo is great. MGS is great. Sit down and take a breath.

Brenton Maltbie says:

i would have taken kotor over mass effect

Toke Holsting says:

UNCHARTED mother f’s have you heard of it…yes THE most cinematic game ever…

Demetrius Sexion says:

Which FF game was that?

SurviveOnlyStrong says:

It’s a very, very bad top, absolutely terrible top.

黄辰旭 says:

until dawn is also good, to see how the stupids on highway to hell. LOL

Jeremy Kendrick says:


Bazzardox says:

Wheres WoW?

MR Howard says:

Metal gear should have been 3 and uncharted and assassins’s creed should have replaced halo and alan wake

sofiaa. says:

I agree with this list but… Heavy Rain? The Walking Dead?

Happyemoticon says:

No Mafia ? But why?!…

MrLincren says:

I dont like the last of us that much either I really tried to give it a chance but somehow it just never fits me. I dont know I think the game looks cool but over all its just kinda ok to me not like a must have and I could get it I am not a Xbox fanboy but I would rather play Arkham city again. which in my Opinion has a better story and gameplay! For example I really tried to watch videos and gameplays from the last of us but after some time it just got boring to me and I really think the game is kinda overrated!

Luke McKinnon says:

Here are some of mine:
The Witcher (Post TW1 due to the budget)
Mass Effect
Last of Us
Max Payne
and more that aren’t popping into my mind at the moment

subzeroxvi says:

Halo more cinematic than MGS? What a joke.

Maria Eugenia says:

What about Quantic Dream? I mean, Heavy Rain, Beyond..

Dee Jaay says:

As someone who lived Metal Gear and agrees on the 12/10 rating of Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us is truly second to none.

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