The Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers (2018) – Part 1/2

League of Legends, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Overwatch, The Walking Dead, Destiny 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2: The 10 Best NEW Video Game Cinematic Trailers of 2018, Part 1!


00:01 League of Legends – Oddysey Animated Trailer

02:27 Marvel’s Spider-Man – Be Greater Trailer

03:51 Overwatch Animated Short – Shooting Star

11:25 Beyond Good and Evil 2 Cinematic Trailer

15:04 Destiny 2: Forsaken – Last Stand of the Gunslinger

18:56 The Division 2 – E3 2018 Cinematic Trailer

22:35 Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Maya Trailer

25:00 Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Cinematic Trailer

27:23 God of War – TV Cinematic

28:29 Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Heather Trailer


Patrick Röder says:

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer…..SO.MANY.QUESTIONS.

Tsihoarana Randimbivololon says:

I don’t play lol but their cinematics are dope

Zac Watts says:

genuine number for itttnf significance throat talented fund strong light

Xuimma Sleeping says:

This reminds me soo much of wildstar

Peter Quill says:

Ох ебать shut up and take my money

raflix jinx19 says:

0:20 best
unicorn XD (i <3 Jinx Tatoo)

Mohamed Gamal says:

The walking Dead Trailers are the coolest ever

Yggdrassiiil says:

In truth I was kinda hoping that “villain assassin” I saw in the intro would be a new champion reveal. Still it was a nice trailer.

Communist RUS says:

Это же трейлер новой батлы

Troy aj 4 life says:

Wait wtf I didn’t know it was a lol trailer!?

王翰儒 says:

J, Jade???

QT168 says:

Love it!

朱晉永 says:

I would want to see the villain win the fight just once or maybe the villain is the main character and destroyed all the things it hates.

勝雄 says:

Champions Of The Galaxy ?!

Shadex De'Marr says:

League of Legends Odyssey… good to see Wildstar’s art team landed somewhere.

takumithao1992XD says:

0:44 Love how expresses herself like,” Im the best there is and you’re with me!” *makes some outlandish smilely face*

Furious Sherman says:

I’m not a League of Legends fan by any means, but that Odyssey trailer is amazing. Also, while I’ll never forgive Destiny for killing off its best character, at least they had him go out like a badass.

Setsuna Koi Kogeki says:

if this was a third person game I would have played it.

Francisco Ramon C. Pardinez, Jr. says:

guys the name of the book that Yasuo was reading is “The Storm & The ………….. I don’t know how to read the last word.



XBloodyBaneX says:

Really liked Odyssey, had a feeling it was LoL. Trailer’s nice, but I hate MOBA’s.

Emperor Vulpecula says:

damn, videogames has more of an interesting story to tell n has better animation than some hollywood movies we see today

ankh 111 says:

whata beautiful animations

Nat Sashikata says:

This trailer reminds me of the game which I forgot the name off and GotG LOL WTF

Paul V says:

ya, try living on a diet of mt dew and dorritos, see what that does to you in the long run.

David Stahlberg says:

oO League of Legends Jinx meets Wild star? xD

Dave Rell says:

They need a 4th member tbh

Acidblood88 says:

beyond good and evil and walking dead got me interested 😀

Brickelz says:

Skrillex is a LoL character? Things escalating quickly here..

neko ruru says:

why jynx looks diffrent? anyway love the part when she introduce herself haha

Jeff Borgs says:

Rapaz a dublagem brasileira ficou muito boa. Nao gostei muito da original

minh ngoc says:

0:48 jinx have boobs

seoustou says:

10:45 Welcome in the Friendzone 😀 !!!

Kevin Lane says:

In that commercial for the Walking Dead, it seemed unethical for her to simply make it more difficult for them to get out alive. I mean, she should’ve shown them some compassion, so as to set an example for them and hope fully teach them a lesson. It’s better to teach than to take revenge.

ronfino says:

i wanna fuck jinx

Taylor Chen says:

what’s the first game in this clip?

animetorr xyooj says:

i wish overwatch was half as good as they make their cinematic videos.. its just another first person shooter :/

apocalypse theresa says:


Pranked22 says:

10:57 Are they going to fuck yet?

Doom Ander says:

Uh-wait, hold on.

Huh… I thought it was some weird coincidence, Jinx and all, can anybody explain why everything is so different? Are they alternative looks or something?

TheWalletWaffling says:

My gosh, I love jinx so much. Yknow Overwatch should’ve be made in movie instead of in the game. Dont get me wrong, I just turned up the volume in my bass headphone, this is exactly like in MOVIE!

Jonhicks1984 says:

Sona looked amazing!

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