Sparta: War of Empires ® “Moment of Glory” Cinematic Trailer by Plarium Games

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Spartan warriors were famous for being skillful and fearless. When the Persian Empire landed on the shores of Greece they learned that one Spartan is worth a thousand Persian soldiers; and they learned it the hard way…

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Video created by the Plarium Cinematics Team.


Justin Hope says:

00:13 battle ends

Wildan says:

This is useless, how about some game footage?

M says:

Anyone else come here to check out the trailer because you seen ”Sparta: War Empires” copy off MK9’s Scorpions uppercut to Sub-zero?

come_KilLy says:

Best trailer but game is on nothing ;)) :/

Man Man says:

the game is to expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you play in Singapore for “lan games”   it is very cheap

captaintheswat599 says:

i wish games are like this

Alex Alex says:

Don’t play plarium games/ It shet/

сергей каяшев says:


OLYMPUS animations says:


Happy Fox says:

This game is a waste of time :p

Shiva ZXC says:

Trailer : 10/10  Game 2/10
Reason – Though the trailer is cool but game is not that cool. we cannot see them fighting in real field in the game. but is better than other strategy games like good game empire but Clash of clans is the best as they show the soldiers fighting…..

Aaron Richards says:

Its a stupid facebook game.

This should have been the trailer for Wrath of Sparta lol

Gowa225 says:

Thumbs up if you think the trailer is awesome but you would rather play AOE.

GeoGamers says:

Could be VERY NICE game if it was not Browser based but RPG like Titan Quest or Action/RPG like any other

Richard Sanusi says:

X:480 Y:-179

KoolBreeze420 says:

would have been nice if they had added some battle scenes like this to the game

Digital Beat Music says:

I just watch Plarium Game trailers and prefer to play Skyrim

Supreme Gate Keeper says:

They forget to mention how Sparta promoted gay relationships between soldiers in order to develop a stronger team spirit. ‘Cause they do not want to loose “macho” costumers.

Easyflux says:

Nice ad. Now some “gameplay” please? Oh right, it’s a browser “game”, isn’t it? A facebook game? 😛 *sigh*

Royal Hawaiian says:

Wow bame so fast BADE ASS THAT WAS COOL.

Zfast4y0u says:

shity browser games,i played ogame before it was ruined with p2w,now if u have enough money u can be n1 with no skills needed at all,not to mention protection from bans u get if u gift em money

fluffy1931 says:

40 keks

Mihajlo Horvat says:

best game in the world!!!! plarium is the best!!!

Krazy Killa says:

Its so funny how the trailer looks nothing like the game

Krazy Killa says:

the game would be much more interesting if it showed like a video when you raid or besiege a city or fight the Persians..

Nunya Biaz says:

The trailer’s amazing. But no to p2w and FB.
For a game in similar theme, 0 A.D. is SPI open-source, and in active and ongoing dev.

Rakan 24 says:

احتاج لشرح للعبة لانى ما اعرف عنها أي حاجه

Latin Kuro says:

totally bad ass looking action trailer for a piece of shit game that has nothing to do with the fighting in the trailer, anyone buying this game from watching the cinematic please save your money for when good games come out.

TheMwowner1 says:

All i seen in this video is fighting… where is the actual game wtf… probably cost more to make that trailer then the actual game itself lool

muza says:

Yeah kill the fucking Persian

Ozan Uner says:

I love how the trailer is nothing compared to the actual game!

al bosco says:

i love how the trailer is greater than the game

guru eng says:

can this game be uploaded in smart phones ?

JayGatzVFXsk8r says:

Okay I like RTSs and whatnot…


Thank you for bringing on my years of being deaf ever closer and making my later years more likely to be in darkness and silence -.-

I hate whoever soundmixed this thing.

Johan Dale says:

At least they’re not naked.

Krazy Killa says:

if you are saying that the game looks nothing like the trailer ur right but Plarium Games said this ” We’re trying to mix CGI with actual in-engine content and gameplay so we can still show the creative idea of the game world, while also giving an accurate representation of real gameplay.”

Justin Hope says:

I Love Sparta

Dan Bozych says:

Thier games are littered with cheaters and glitchers and the numbers they assign to troops don’t add up. I ashamed I spent actual money on one of their games. Done. Please do not waste your time!

Joey Fisher says:

i love how the trailer is greater than the game

Man Man says:

do you have monthly subscription so that I can purchase more drachmas, and when can you have discount for artisan? I need 2 more to built buildings, 90% discount, can? your earliest reply will be appreciated. you really need to adjust the payment because it’s very expensive.  🙂

Lost Mesa Tv says:

This is the most misleading trailer I have ever seen.

Christian Hagen says:

It took me a while since there was absolutely no information on the gamesite, but I finally found out that this game is for Facebook, and I don’t use that because they desired personal information they had no reason to acquire. Since this game is Facebook-only, I suspect Plarium Games want the same thing: Personal information they have no reason to request or acquire.

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