SMITE – ‘To Hell & Back’ Cinematic Trailer

Watch the Gods of SMITE go at it for almost 4 minutes of glorious cinematic action.

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EvoLucian Lennelda says:

whats the music at the beginning?

Vianney Hernández says:

Súper hermoso

AGO-Studios says:

came back because with the new edition of Nike, i want to see a short fight animation of the two warrior goddesses xD

Reiner Kneipel says:

Bellona, such a sweetheart… 😛

AndroidShelf 44 says:

3:07 a loki basic attack = death

Madam Darkness says:

How merciless!

Planche a pain nucleaire says:

my team fight for the fire giant don’t look like that…

Nico Prado :D says:

cuando una Belona de fedea soy el único comentario en español ? :v xD

058875915 says:


DarkGamer 364 says:

As much as I love this trailer… Paladins is more fun.

Broken Smile says:

all heroes copypast.. not interesting

Razor3577 Ssss says:

What is the name of the music theme please

sidney says:


Benjamin Páez says:

like si no entiendes inglés

Ethan Davis says:

I just love Bellona. She’s one of my favorite gods to play due to the fact that she has like five different ways to attack you. Her sword, bludgeon, scourge, shield and eagles rally.

Aeos says:


Andrew Kerill says:

XDandrewmonXD #1 ratataskr

badpressure says:

A Younger more attractive Bellatrix Lestrange is what popped into my head. granted, Bellona has her…multi-weapon? rather than a wand, but still.

Max purple47 says:

What was this cinematic representing?

Martin Skjeggedal says:

I wish the graphics were better though

Afiq Khairul says:

In this trailer…. Bellona look sucks as shit….. she’s not even fight…. just standing around like that…

TOXICMatt65 says:

Why is Bellona so attractive I don’t get it

I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude says:

I half expected to find Sabaton here. I was disappointed.

Hrukii says:

She’s hot

Spycrabp says:

Can’t wait for Paladins to have a cinematic like this

MrFloyd Flow says:

I love Loki, he is sooooo coool in this video

Reaper Kitten says:

….Will there be more…? 😀

GinDemon777 says:

Loki is love Loki is live

Константин Иванов says:

what kind of music? please tell us! )))

DVA Overwatch says:

as a belona main this pleases me

Dominic Manester says:

“I’ve been to hell and back, and back to hell…and back” – Lion

GabboSkayo says:

conquest in 2 minutes 😀

Risk G3me says:

I love all of this gods in this clip except sun wukong or whatever

brian Carrasco says:

What is the name of the song ?

Zek' says:

Song ; Slaves- Sockets

HotGrillSub4Nudes says:

Report noob wukong engage 1v3 gg

iQuinny says:

If you play the Attack on Titan opening theme tune at the exact moment that you can start to see Bellona’s eye at 0:05 then it goes so perfectly with the trailer that it actually scares me lol

Andrew Kerill says:

fucking amazing

Alabar says:

Wukong debería medir solo 1 metro :v

kerub yanes says:

more pls jaja

Carlos Drago says:

lol loki running to bellona

Minaka Ukimato says:

fucking awesome

strateg4play says:

whats this red light in thier eyes?

AZOT Channel says:


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