Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic – League of Legends

Ryze scours Runeterra for fragments of a forgotten past, each step bringing him closer to incredible power—and terrible ruin.


James B. says:

the voice of mr mercer

Marco Pawlow says:

Is ryze seeking the Infinity runes?

Luxus909 says:

Is it me or does the tree at the start stutter a lot

Dank OrangeKid says:

All you need is one more rune and then you beat league of legends. League of Legends, the rpg you’ve all wanted. Well, that and graves cigar. XD

RєαρєяTM says:

Am I the only one who would love to see a full cinematic about Nasus? 😀

Saitama says:

League should make a movie

TBatB Rascal says:

One day will Udyr be reworked.
We only needs to wait……

elliott hansen says:

Fianlly, literally any content with Trundle in it

이동현 says:

Tanos! This is what you’re looking for!!!!!!

Michael VanMinnen says:

Infinity stones?

Ser Vang says:

Two things, Ryze is in every video and man, he’s getting old.

George Poupos says:

Is this another rework? Or is it just lore update?

Crim Pix says:

Yeeee another ryze rework

Thỏ Phê Cỏ says:

Ryze collect infinity stones :v

Lukeze k says:

infnity stones

Araleh Kepa says:

Welcome to another League of Legends champion spotlight featuring, Ryze, the infinity mage.

Ardaffa W.A.A says:

new avengers looks lit

Eric Donald says:

Will you RYZE to the challenge? hahaha

F I R E F L Y says:

2:99 Really nasus ur USING ( W ) now

Matthew Hawthorne says:

That must be Miss Fortune’s little sister in the vid cause those titties are way too small to be her.

FuuckFaaceJ says:


Googlye Kreuz says:

No No Riot No No Rework No Just let him be 1 or 2 seasons. No

FalloutFan Dylan says:

Sooooo when are you guys making a movie then

Grey Oxxx says:

So can someone actually explain the vid for me?
All I see is rework jokes and stuffs…

Tendo says:

Wow, I want to play Ryze now. Stuff like this always brings me back to league. Please more stuff like this, and specifically more stuff on the world runes and Ryze. After reading the Comic and watching this, I think Ryze is by far my favourite champ in the game in a Story and Character sense. He as a character is just so intriguing in a way. I remember Ryze’s old Lore, that was interesting but really just didn’t do enough to make him special. All I really think the old lore did for Ryze was convince me that Lore wise he was the most powerful champ. This on the other hand helps build up a cool interesting and believable personality. Anyways I’m done ranting, If you see this, Keep up the good work Riot.

Quest Avalong says:

Did anyone else see that the other champs he was with would make a good comp?

Domen Hitrec says:

Time for a League movie

John Jason says:

make the MMO happen !

The Landlord says:

all i see is…….blue team 0 = purple team 1

Scharroth says:

All this stupid monologue but only 3 seconds of awesome sona

Powmo The Gamer says:

1 more ryze , 1 more ( i hope )

Dylan Adams says:

Movie confirmed: League of Legends, Fellowship of the Red Icicle

isaak ring says:

New ryze main here

suýt lợi hại says:

after this video i realize that ryze is so similar with thanos :v

Charly Mustaine says:

Ryze “infinite gauntlet runes” :v

Anthony Marttila says:

Riot should make a LoL Series or a 3 hour long movie 😀

Ramendark says:

Take a shot every time someone says ryze rework

Dead Unicorn says:


Nemesis T-Type says:

Great. Another Ryze rework.

Oberstleutnant Johannes Wiese says:

can i get unbanned

Nerbleplox says:

infinity stones? ryze in avengers 4 confirmed

ホアンゴー says:

Is he returning the infinity gems now?

Michael Campbell says:

There’s so much subtlety in this video! Did anyone beside me notice that when he’s not fighting for his life Ryze walks with a limp?

Gavin Arnett says:

Why is ryze collecting the infinity stones?

Vinh Nguyen says:

LoL infinity war ??☺¿¿

TheChaosInRetra says:

I know riot probably won’t do a movie but I reckon it would be so awesome if they had a mini movie for every character. I would be willing to pay for every episode.

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