PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode: Playing Non-VR PS4 Games, Watching Netflix on Simulated Cinema Screen

A lot of people were asking about Cinematic Mode in the comments of our PlayStation VR review, so we’ve put together some additional impressions for those interested.

If you don’t know, Cinematic Mode enables you to play non-VR games and watch movies using the headset on a simulated cinema screen. We tested out the BBC iPlayer, the web browser, Netflix, and a handful of games before putting together this video.

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zetapinch says:

The large screen size is good for immersion. The last thing I want is to sit in a theatre – extremely boring. I want to be inside the screen. Thanks Sony for thinking ahead of the curve and providing this option.

Todeolho Nabarata says:

Thanks for this review. That’s the information I was looking for.

C Mitchell says:

damn the uncharted spoiler cinematics wtf dude cmon!

jeffsupersaiyan says:

what about 3d movies ?

SneekyTrolls says:

When you play VR games does it really feel like your there? Rate out of 10

Emanuel and leonardo says:

will it work without a tv

Amanda R says:

Hey thanks for this video. Someone may have asked this, but I haven’t been able to find it so forgive me if you’ve already answered this. When playing a non-VR game using this headset, does turning your head work the same as “looking around” with the controller? For example, if I’m playing Deus Ex and I turn my head to the right…will my character look right?

Engel Carbajal says:

Have you experienced “bleeding” edges of the screen when you move quickly your head in cinematic mode?

James Lykins says:

Was hoping for ANY example footage of the simulated cinema mode, in your entire video.

Julius Rabanal says:

Does youtube 360 video works?

TanProGamer10 says:

Hey I have a question about the cinematic mode. I play games in the back of a car while going on vacation and we are driving across country, will the PSVR need to be tracked while in cinematic mode or can I just sit in a car and play games?

Christopher Spanner says:

Is it possible to play simultaneously on the big screen and on the VR device together for example Rocket League…

Each player has its own screen?!!?

I don’t think so ?!

ManThatYouFear says:

Not a actual 3d Cinema, makes me sad :'(

Cyber Horror says:

Do you still need the ps camera for watching movies?


Hey a question please if possible. Would you recommend the PSVR, I was considering getting one for all my games.
Nioh, For Honor, Horizon Zero Dawn, ME: Andromeda and God of War is due to release soon?

Anthony Mohr says:

can you make a video of what it would look like to watch a 3d movie with it or a hd blueray

Donald Trump says:

The audio in vr is ambisonic sound ambisonic microphone but my question is does PS4 have a platform where you can upload VR footage

terintamel says:

I will have to agree and disagree about simulated surround sound in cinematic mode.  While he is correct that the audio is just fancy stereo when watching movies there is simulated surround sound (speakers all around you) when playing games. 
I loaded up Infamous First Light and when I went on the roof and stood my character directly in front of a smoke vent with the vent “behind the screen” and turned to my right the smoke sound was playing in my right ear even though the screen was to my left.  I moved to have the smoke in front of my character and when I turned to the right there was not smoke sound.So maybe it is per game, but PSVR does do positional audio for games, but just not for movies in Cinematic mode.

Well ThatWasWeird says:

Large cinematic mode would work great for non VR games/game modes like NHL Be a Pro mode and Madden Connected Franchise.

Drew Snow says:

can you play bf1 in 21 by 9 like on PC?

Jason G. says:

so can you play every game on cinematic mode? and does it look good?

Joeki11a says:

So how does it look IN VR? Is it a 200 inch screen?…watching a movie would be cool

Needtoknow says:

Why can’t they just make a headset that displays HD with surround sound. and works with all ps4 games.

Trey Lo says:

Nah. I own a 120 inch projector screen in my own bedroom and I rather immerse onto that than seeing fake seats infront of me lmao. I only use PSVR for gamings and other fun apps instead than the cinema mode :3 I’ll only use it if IMAX was a thing on it.

psgamer831 says:

Right now i prefer the gear vr for watching downloaded movies. PSVR for vr games. I would like to see kodi make there software more compatible with vr though

geminvi says:

Can I play laying down? #1 reason I’d want a VR headset

Mike Okhuiysen says:

It’s so fucking retarded that the PSVR can not display 3D movies.

arnoldgd84 says:

Does it play 3D movies?

LordBritOne says:

im british whats polldark?

WellingtonSS85 says:

Hi! Does it leave aside the Eye camera AND TV set use and connects straight to the PS4?!

David P says:

so what’s the resolution comparable to? Like, for example, I’ve been fine playing something like PSP, 3DS or PSOne games in their native resolution and it’s obviously not the best but hasn’t bugged me much.

Richard Baccarini says:

Thanks for the help, I’ve had a think and came to the conclusion that unless Activision start to support VR in BLOPSIII, it’s not worth the buy for me

Boby says:

poldark squad where you at

Nsar stafeenee says:

can you play gta v or farcry 4 with the ps vr?

superrok420 says:

I’m so pissed off! All the VR apps are blurry and unwatchable. Some of the games look good, but still blurry. I want my money back!

San Francisco Love says:

Can you play iTunes movies?

sinkiy says:

Today’s VR sets is the equivalent of Nintendo when it came out. Go buy it and you will be some what disappointed by the things youucan and can’t do. Nintendo was better when it first came out believe me. Also you will have to buy another in few years when it’s way better. I think I’ll wait for the next gen or even next gen VR . Plus too many good games to play today who has time for a prototype VR hah. So many great games coming out that you won’t play with a shitty heavy VR headset. Technology is too primitive for VR today. Kids in the future will swallow a pill and games will be exactly like a lucid dreams today. If you have had lucid dreams you know how amazing they are, how in control and colorful it is.
. Watch.. Just watch…

Guanaco Selvado says:

Ummmm so technically I can play my PS4 laying bed without an LCD- I am bed ridden at the moment and having a tv in my room is a bit of a hassle – umm food for thought

jonart ymbao says:

Bla bla bla. First time play ing PS4 VR. It’s the bottom to the top bottom and back it’s just everytime I play it I get lightheaded. But dontcare love the Damn Game

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