Paragon MOBA Announcement Cinematic Trailer + GAMEPLAY (Epic Games)

“Paragon” is a new MOBA being developed by Epic Games coming to PC and Playstation 4 (PS4) in 2016. Paragon is a third person MOBA similar to SMITE, I really prefer that style of gameplay to the top down approach.I really like the theme of Paragon with it being a sci-fi MOBA with a futuristic, steam punk, yet still midevel theme.

Game Title: Paragon
Developer: Epic Games
Platforms: PC and Playstation 4 (PS4)

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Вячеслав Гончаров says:

2:05 – name of music please

Sean Lemaster says:

it’s a dope ass game for sure.

Jarow Jarow says:

It’s like League of Legends in 3D 😀

AeroZzSkyline says:


cristian fernandez says:


Ply Session says:

The Space Massively Multiplayer Battle Arena

The better Dark Orbit

Trailer :
Facebook :
Apple IOS:
and browser:

this is not pay to win – let me copy-paste from a fellow player it sums it up pretty nicely: “I’m refugeeOG from: US server, Varians faction, Warpfire alliance. I’m the 2nd-to-top ranked overall player, because I am addicted; I love this game. I have been playing for about a year now,and still going strong. The devs keep adding new content and fixing stuff, so you won’t get bored. You can get to where I am now by either spending nothing, a little, or a lot; the choice is up to you, and it only affects how fast you get there, so the game is very fair.
The PvP combat is amazing, faction vs. faction, where you fight for control of special regularly moving “storm sectors” that contain rare rocks essential for the crafting of great PvP gear. Also, the game has faction alerts: built-in mini-wars, faction vs. faction, where the dominating faction of those military objectives will win Solar (the premium currency), Keys (to open lockboxes for a nice chance at Premium ships and other awesome PvP consumables), and domination points … DP (which collect daily to give you daily boxes to open, containing nukes, golden (premium) robots and ammo, etc.). Basically, the game gives you great incentives to play and fight, so you never have to sit around at station; you will always have something to do, if you fancy it.
Combat is a refreshing soft-twitch; none of this “mouse-to-select-and-then- take-a-nap” business. You attack the ship closest to where you are pointing, but enemy ships can also block for their allies and block important objectives, like the sector mining / command outpost. There are fighters (DPS glass cannons), healers (ship repair, EMP-interdiction, support) and tanks (base busters, blockers, damage soakers). Range matters. You have close range blaster weapons, longer range launcher weapons, AOE and single target type weapons, and NUKES … awesome variable range, massively damaging AOE battle-changing packages of pure chaos.
Players get space in station, which is upgradable, to store their materials, crafting parts, PvP consumables, and ships. You can have many ships, so you have the freedom to choose the ship-type you wish to fly, and then make a change anytime it suits you. Death penalties are mild, just enough to encourage death avoidance, but no loss of anything that you will miss, which encourages players to get out there and take risks and have fun in the PvP. Basically, the only penalty for death is a bit of “red-shield” that automatically heals inside station or you can “speed-heal” it for Solar.
Players come from all over the world to play; no country or region is locked out. You can play directly from facebook, kong, PC browser from their website, Apple devices (iOS), Android / Google devices, Amazon / Kindle devices … play from PC, Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.”

The Capital Class has arrived !

Take a look at our awesome new ships, weapons and generators.
All new Fighters, Tanks and Supporter for your fighting pleasure.
New Rescources to collect and new sectors to claim.

Have fun and conquer the galaxy.

Pocket Starships is an addictive mixture of fast-paced massive multiplayer (MMO / MMORPG ) space combat and an easy-to-use crafting system. Build stronger ships and advanced equipment like Boosters, Robots or even nuclear weapons. Defeating the Space-Pirates is just the first step – your duty isn’t over until your Faction dominates the whole Pocket Galaxy!

Instant-On: Be notified on your device when decisive battles begin – not when they ended as usual in other games. Join the game, be transported to the action and fight side-by-side your friends and allies!

– Space battles in real-time
– A vast galaxy with thousands of players
– Actually fight side-by-side with friends & fellow Players
– Craft stronger ships & upgrade weapons and equipment
– Join together with other players to form Alliances
– Endless Upgrade Possibilities: Robots, Generators, Nuclear Weapons…
– Conquer the Pocket Galaxy and earn Domination Points
– Fight against the Space-Pirates to restore order in your home galaxy
– Instant-On: Be notified & join the decisive Battles when they begin

Zoka J Z says:

Grux dont wait direkt to Fight Gg Grux Smash

MISTER MAX04 says:

Cual es la canción de primer trailer

Dekkerx2 says:

Kallari: I’ve got Scarab Claws, Bitch!
Muriel: Fuck!

Саша Владимиров says:

Плагиат! Сразу из 2-х игр, Dota 2 и Overwatch!

Randomname says:

This cinematic is exactly how a game in paragon would go xD a bit sloe at first…then it picks up in mid game, and then it gets crazy intense endgame

Brandon Watson says:

Gideon doing his cosmic rift might be the most epic thing I’ve ever seen

Zachary Wymetalek says:

off meta idiots, 3 carry? really?

Der Leonator says:

The moment you realize, that the graphics of the cinematic an dthe ingame graphics look almost the same

Zayfen Van Astrea says:


virga surya says:

this game would be greatest than dotta 2, just wait until their release

•Nexourri• says:

Smite copy

Felipe Peralta says:

name of the music????

Máté Borbás says:

We will miss you, Legacy! ;(

Nik core says:

Me gusta el nuevo lol

joseph eapen says:

this is must say is the most underrated moba shooter

gabriel ibarra says:

I’m gamma get it no mater what

P3tronas says:

song name pls ?

jray little says:

what song is used in this?

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