OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead – Grant Story Cinematic Trailer (Open-World Zombie Game 2018)

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead – Grant Story Cinematic Trailer (Open-World Zombie Game 2018)
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landon willis says:

I feel so bad for the old man

Ero Heroine says:

all these stories and I feel Its just gonna turn out as an FPS survival game. Please dont

JKGeorgie says:

Basically what everyone would do to helpless zombies

Ian Mish says:


Airman mckellar says:

I’m so fuckin excited for this lol it’s been too long since we have had a good zombie game .

Gillian Day says:

there’s a walker in the car?! KILL IT! GET AWAY FROM IT!

I Refuse I says:

Why is everyone crying about no Gameplay? Remember when Left 4 Dead was going to release and they showed barely any gameplay just character building cinematics? This game will be good I have high faith

Alexander Dellorto says:

Anyone know when this comes out?

Gamer _Kid1143 says:

That zombie was like “b.. bro can you give me some of that drink please”

Jay Uchiha says:

I can’t wait

J M says:

Does he know zombie is there hahahah u going to die he tooo old to know

JKGeorgie says:

Basically what everyone would do to helpless zombie

Zoived says:

Knew it was Unreal engine 4 graphics ♥

B R says:

Okay, but how about some gameplay…….

Husnain Naeem says:

That’s looks way Aowsom

btsboogeyman89 says:

Outstanding trailer. =)

batdude 64 says:

Crazy people

Alex Oleks says:

Awesome movie!

Elhami Musliu says:

Looks like Bill teleported into the Walking Dead universe. ☺

Xari Kimo says:

A showdown: “overkill the walking dead” vs “day gone” vs “stace of decay 2”. Go gonna win?

Casper says:

They show cgi cutscenes galore but no gameplay and it’s starting to annoy me

Brandon Harper says:

Booze here!!

Howard Jackson says:

Scenes like these are great to hype up the game before release. I’ll hold my breath until gameplay footage is released to pass judgement.

Cassie Barns says:

Although they haven’t promised any kind of gameplay yet, these are some awesome looking characters so far!

Rocket Bronson says:

Another zombie game.

SupaVibraniumGuy says:

No gameplay = Thumbs down from me. I’ve waited to long.

Ashton Smit says:


munichs23mostwanted says:

This is so epic ,hilarious and sad at the same time ! Great trailer i hope the game doesnt disappoint !

José Antonio Miranda says:

Great !

Alfearox says:



Still no gameplay. I’m worried about this

Roblox letsplay says:

This is one of the best videogame trailers ever

Ferocious Super nova says:

Better than AMC version

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