Official Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare – “Long Live the Captain” Cinematic

After brutal SetDef attacks leave SATO forces devastated, Lt. Reyes is suddenly field-promoted to Captain as the highest-ranking officer remaining aboard the UNSA Retribution.

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Linda Butler says:


Ashler Griggs says:

I just realized, I dont think a black guy has ever been the main character(Aka your character you play as) in the cod games.

ItsAPrankDude says:


Aj Adolfo says:

the PS2 called , he seems to have misplaced his graphics

FerinoLP Gaming says:

Graphic on this game is extremely nice !

Johnathan K says:

Like dislike ratio much better. Nice to see hate train breaking down

Oisin Wells says:

did anybody see the UNSA freighter… not a ripoffof unsc xd

Hayden Carswell says:

naughty dog is really good at making story based games

XHunter121X Gaming says:

Commander Reyes…
Captain Keyes……
Reyes was field promoted by an admiral….
Keyes was field promoted to captain by admiral Stanforth i believe.

Cordell Harris says:

pre-ordering now

Jamesmadisonmiddle _ says:

The more I see, the more I like. But, I still miss the old COD.

War fighter says:

this game is AWESOME!!!!!!

Abel Ortiz says:

best cod campaign!! …imo

Ariel Lobato says:

MrShadowtruth says:

“The Captain is dead, Long live the Captain.”

T- Bird says:

Damn. I’m actually excited for the campaign. BO3’s SP was so goddamn awful

Ace Gaming says:

Graphics should me MUCH better. It’s almost 2017

Xrixten says:

I bet a few years from now, people are gonna come back to this video and say “Nostalgia”. This game looks really promising right now, and I already think IW will be better than Black Ops 3.

Buenaonda Genial says:

ya son una verdadera porquería los call of duty.

Abel Ortiz says:

very good cinematic! i can’t wait until friday!

Thenextworldwar says:

Would anybody despise this game if it was a new IP?

Raguleader says:

Holy crap, it’s Captain Ivanova!

So if there’s no boom today, there will be a boom tomorrow.

Danny Riordan says:

This game is seriously missing Idris Elba.

Hannah Plays Msp says:

this game looks great

G Charles says:

I heard there is a Jukebox in Zombies that plays 80’s Tracks

No matter what include MACONTOSH PLUS IN THE JUKEBOX to cope with the brightness of Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber.

Lip Sick says:

Infinite Warfare- “Long live the dislikes”

Tyler K says:

Train go boom

توم يازمان امي والحنان says:


Muhammad Ilham says:

where’s subtitles

Benjiha ! says:

Captain, ladies, apache helicopter, japanese, bucket, and gentelmen.

Guypersonmanthing3 says:

Is this Gundam? Because this story is giving me heavy Gundam vibes.

Ivan Woodward says:

it’s funny how they say this is an old school fight in the description of the multiplayer trailer and think that will change everything

Thabani Mabaso says:

I’ve seen some of these actors before

Bendy Bendy says:

I think the campaign will be unique, multiplayer is a reskin of Ghosts, and zombies is okay

ShadowBolt995 says:

Brian Bloom is a terrific voice actor! Loved him as B.J in Wolfenstein: TNO.

Michael Reikes says:

I call bullshit on that “not this captain” thing. It is already clear that they are low on officers and no ship would risk losing its CO in such a manner. If he wants to be on the ground he should ask for the executive officer of the Tigris to take command in his absence.

Call_Of_Arrow says:

Omar is in super girl

ElChinoGamer says:

The graphics look great

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