Most Epic 4K Cinematic Game Trailers Part 6 UHD


00:00 – Shadow of War Announcement Trailer
02:11 – Assassin’s Creed Origins Sand Trailer
03:45 – The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Announcement Trailer
07:23 – World of Warcraft Legion Cinematic Trailer
11:05 – Darksiders Warmastered Edition Cinematic Trailer
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Danny Benhur says:

3:03 Thanos Snap effect

Dennis Mahardika says:

came here because Clam Casino

Anku Bamm says:

Which game is that one

Павел Гусь says:

Русских то нет?

DeathWar 205 says:

The elder scrolls


It is a disrespect to a books itself to use black people in the Middle-earth. Interpretation of Books should not be changed no matter how book is written. Even in the movie, we never saw any black people there. I have nothing against black people, but again, as i said, if in book, there is not black people, in the movie or cartoon or anything on that book, story and the world should not be changed. And if we change, at the end of the day, we obtain a trash that ruined a Universe of Middle-earth we all love. The purpose of the book itself is being destroyed if anything could be changed that easily. IT is DUMB. What is next? Gay Orks? Lesbian Gnomes?

FRgerais Br says:

Quando lança o jogo só te 60% de qualidade comparado trailer

vebbto says:

The best cinematic game trailers are made by Blizzard.

Aengrod says:

Hahahahaha so politically correct, black dude in lord of the rings …. ahahahahahah YEP leftists are at it again …..
Is there transsexual LGBTQQ halfling running around in the game? No? Racists!

intimate90 says:

There was niggas in gondor wow

Omar Estrada says:

the haradrim are supposed to be black

Aerik Bravo says:

… Shadow of War … that was a rip of of lotr but the trailer was dope I’m getting it

Omar Estrada says:

a haradrim serving gondor?

the haradrim are supposed to be black

UserAnonymouse says:

It’s amazing that shadow of war 2 looks worse than the first one.. Talions face is so badly animated it hurts looking at it

Stas Gun says:

И везде суют негрил )))

C- Things says:

@2:45 effects of thanos’ snap

Zirsang Mizo says:

wtf I love it

ASAPMop says:

gotta love that clams casion beat at the end

Nathan Parrish says:

Been watching your content off and on for years. Just decided to check back in and man you’re still the shit. Finally subed so i wont miss a thing. Keep up the good work

Adin Icic says:

We had our chance with Spirits Within but nah y’all fuckers rejected it so now we only got to drool with 2 minute epic trailers because studios dont believe its worth the investment. But I hope Sirmallion gets made into next Lord of Rings trilogy and just like the first trailer.


would make 0:06 nice painting

TheFuckingGrandpa says:

Song – Clams Casino – I’m God s2

Andresan says:

infinity war in 02:11

Good Bad says:

2:26 – *Thanos Snap*

Raggnakk 040817 says:

2.53 “Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good”

Blank Spott says:


Dorian Cervantes says:

Warcraft guy… really nigga? You were drowning off of 2 feet of water?

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