Mortal Kombat 11 Cinematic Reveal Trailer – The Game Awards 2018

The cinematic trailer for a brand new Mortal Kombat, coming April 23.

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Cyrus The Great says:

Is the toasty guy coming back?

Ryuho Kotoge says:

Oh no thanks.

mkinss says:


Cherry Lady says:

Mumble kombat

Ichie Agu says:

The music grows on you.

jeremy bennett says:

Hell yeah

Gabriel Lemus says:

The racing game is legit I like it

KRATOS junior 817 says:

Or no they should have used XXXTENTACION-Caution lmao the world would not have been able to contain itself with that FACTS! SMH fuckin nerds

Kaleb Flowers says:

The song is about making the game hype even tho some say it’s out of place it is but it’s supposed to make it hype

NewsanceInHD says:

Amber rose wins again

pacha127 AEK says:

What song is this ?!!!!!

Charredasperity says:

If WB need some rap music that’s agressive enough to fight to, I’ll happily share my spotify playlist with them

PP Dogg says:

Only true fans know that the og scorpion is actually wearing an mk2 mask, and an mk3 oufit

Jacknife17shadows says:

I dont know what these guys are thinking by choosing songs like this to promote their games lol Hard Mute from me.

HobtheGoblin says:

The actual sound of the song fits the tone of the scene perfectly. But the lyrics sound ridiculous next to what’s on screen.

Andrew Norman says:

I thought a music glitch was happening aha

Alana Johnston says:

Fortnite what do you think of this

Neil Tulloch says:

Totally the wrong music for the game. Disappointed by that.

Alex Hawk says:

Song name?

Midnight Monster says:

The graphics/animation are amazing, yet the music really killed it for me. It’s so modern, kinda disrupts the whole nostalgia of mortal kombat.

Adam Maldonado says:

the song>>> the trailer

cheesy videos says:

Take out the 21 Savage music and you’ll find me liking it

Sunky The Pokémon says:

Wow, and there’s people who want scorpion in smash

Norvell D Burnett says:


Lane Sax says:

After seeing Twelve Foot Ninja’s take on the trailer, this is unwatchable. Horrid song.

Mohamed Anwar says:

What’s the song called?

zell33 Jamma says:


Clown_killa202 says:

21 did mention lu kang

Gürkan İnci says:


Vira says:

2:37 *wooh*

Bryan Mendoza says:

1:34 Through 1:46 Raiden Just Beat Scorpion Up Like If It Was Nothing.

kiran sharma says:

watch this with better music quality

Meeezen 666 says:

How does he go all the way through raiden and yet the spine is still attached

Omkar Shinde says:

1:51 Who thought sub zero gonna come

KRATOS junior 817 says:

They should have used a hype X song like Pistol or maybe uuhhh idk something doper than this although I did rather enjoy how the lyrics match the beating lol

Jesus Davila says:

I mean I’m still buying the game I just hope the next trailer plays a song that actually goes with the fighting.

Dead Inside says:

I almost died of happiness when I seen this trailer

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