Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – PS4 Cinematic Trailer | E3 2017

Check out the E3 2017 exclusive trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite


Khalil Pontikes says:

I’m not buying if these are the only characters and I’m definitely not buying if there’s no X-Men Characters.

Rashid Al Thahli says:

Andromeda, injustice 2 and now this. the people forget how to make faces?

Chris Redfield says:

This will be a legend.

Janishi Zitexion says:

We want Wesker!

Gian Paparo says:

quien más opina que las cinemáticas son una cagada de este marvel vs capcom? y que no tiene un huevo de emoción cuando aparecen thanos o zero? mínimamente te tiene que excitar esa parte y ni a los premios, horribleeee, marvel vs capcom era lo de antes…

ArkaneEvangale says:

X’ voice ain’t too bad.

Nathan Buchanan says:

This looks wack af. I can’t even lie. I’ll stick to injustice 2 and mortal kombat.

Rodrigo Araújo says:

Injustice 2 mandou lembranças

Marco Livelli David says:

Excelent!!! Now we just need to see the X-Men because u know this is Marvel vs Capcom

Team SMSD says:

Who’s ready for Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Iain G says:

That couldn’t be more boring if they tried

Jeremiah Espinosa says:

All of this – and still no Spider-Man?

Nick Drake says:

does this de-confirm that leak, or help its cause? I haven’t really kept up with it, I just hope it isn’t true

Evil Kapitoshko says:

Выпустите просто файтинг по Marvel. Зачем это?

Shaoran Uchiha says:

No X-MEN….. this isn’t a Marvel vs Capcom

lehmejoun says:

I’m still waiting for a bloody roar sequel on the ps4

RetroGamer87 says:

sucks that a veteran like Wolverine isn’t in the game he’s been in since the beginning

Laboni 510 says:

Dante’s here again!!!!!!! omg i am sooooooo happy dude!!!!!!!!

Gojiro7 says:

I hope that tiny snip-it at 1:20 means we’ll get a Monster Hunter stage and character 😀

Shane O'Shaughnessy says:

I don’t care about movie marketing nonsense. Put Gambit and Psylocke in this game or I’ll pass, thanks.

NikoAndFriends says:


ohits ohkeskah says:

enjoying that feelin’ of finally losing the fighting market, eh crapcom?

Erick Trujillo says:

Dante,Spencer,Arthur,Doctor Strange,Gamora,Thanos,One Clone of Darth SIdious,Zero,Nova,Black Panther And Rathalos

Joseph Joestar says:

Black panther is getting to much hype

MrCobber wobber says:

i smel a free game

Elias Viteri says:

Que arreglen esos gráficos de el modo Historia que parece juego de Smartphone :v

Pokemontas says:

Marvel ultimate alliance 3?

Zara McInnes says:

this looks awful are you kidding

Tatsuo Static says:

I feel as though this game is gonna focus more on the story mode rather than the fighting

ボルトBandicoot says:

Chun-li and Captain America look really bad, yet Captain Marvel, X and Strider look amazing… WTF happened?

InfamouseCx says:

Was that a Jhen Mohran I saw at 1:20?

Nathan Campos says:

capcom u fail hard

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