INNER CHAINS Cinematic Trailer (2017) Horror Game

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INNER CHAINS Cinematic Trailer (2017) Horror Game
Release date : April 20, 2017
© 2017 – Telepath Tree

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Nexus eh says:

If there was some old dude doing this intro it would be better

Joachim Navarro says:

narrator is a cancerous cringe.

Cong Wang says:

they paid someone on the street 5 bucks to read the script

Sgt. Dickbed says:

could someone just explain what he just said?

Samuel Gratkowski says:

well i tried to understand what he said. but it seems they just got him spewing random garbage that literally made no sense :/ lazy

Galo Maricalva says:

Da bastante más miedo que la mierda del ‘RE7: La risotada de Capcom’

ANZACS100 says:

let this be a lesson , stay the fuck off acid ! lol

gaming mlook says:

It’s mad max but there is a lot of people

Mackenzie Hall says:

um I’m sorry what is this?

Rodrigo Machado says:

M. Night Shyamalan the videogame!

Zach Scarbrough says:

Jesus Christ! Two things:
1. What the hell is the Narrator on? I’ve heard livelier readings about the rate of moss growth.
2. The fuck was this guy talking about? I like trailers that don’t reveal/spoil anything for me, they’re made to catch your interest, get a taste of what’s to come. But this trailer gave me no clues as to what the actual hell is going on! Even with the earlier gameplay reveals, I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be. Is it a stealth/survival game? Dark Souls type thing? Will there be horror? God someone please explain this shit to me!

HantalGazi_Alt says:

why’s Fallout 2 lady doing those things

Alexander Cube says:

Read and written by guys from Behemoth. Cool

Epsilon Pro says:


Warren Kent says:

fire looks great – this guy’s voice though… holy shit its bad

Samuel Gratkowski says:


Chris Newman says:

Okay, I get they’re a foreign developer but…really? They couldn’t find anyone else to do that monologue? Not to mention the dialogue was blithering nonsense.

Mafazgafo says:

MadMax copy?

B. O.B.! says:

Well there is that, hmmm

Akanu Wolf says:

this reminds me of my teacher. monologue and puts me to sleep

Prince Dizzy says:


TJ .G says:

better than God of War

Casepb says:

Somehow I managed to stay awake during that yawn inducing trailer. I feel like I deserve a reward…. hmmm maybe a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed with Reese’s Pieces.

Jahmali Danvers says:

no lie this game looks cool

Black Samurai 76 says:

I’ll pass.

Doruk Evcim says:

game looks interesting but the narration ruined the trailer

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