INJUSTICE 2 All Story Cinematic Trailer (Justice League 2017)

INJUSTICE 2 Shattered Alliances All Story Cinematic Trailer (Justice League 2017)

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Rob Sol says:

Amazing! X

Mohamad Davarzani says:

A HOLE lot of pretty in a hole lot of crazy when F Fasts And Green Gods fall from A cross the 7 sky s and a black dressed man as hell like batman .to prove on THAT there can be no beyondER than GREAT OF MAN and finally find that there also is a bigger matter of time that gods are not a good equal for TRUE GOD .but here god is changed .evil death and Hatert .felt in man or super men hearts .so when there is no better way than MAD WAR to prove that man is WINNER IN THIS FIGHT .then he sacrifice HIMSELF BY FIGHT AND RESISTANCE …BUT PICE WONT COME FORWARD WHEN MAN DOESN’T WANT IT .HERE ID THE TIME can EVIL CHILD COMES ON EARTH IN UNDER GROUND AS man .to kill the MANKIND . HERE IS THE TIME that SUPERS AND SUPERMAN must GET IN ACT OF WAR AND DEATH IN OUR EARTH REALM …

LCNighthawk says:

for me the one that made the speech on the first trailer was ra’s al ghul

EveryPixelCounts says:

This story arc would make a better tv series than game…imo

Uaitdevil says:

Don’t worry guys, Cassie Cag… ehm, supergirl will gonna save us all!

Seergei says:

Good material! Come to my channel here a lot of interesting videos.

juancho fontan says:

It was pretty good until the Reapers invaded

Blastar Seymour says:

The Cheese is strong with this game. Or Cheese imitation. #muricancheesegames

sasan m says:

characters I’ll never use in this game:

1-green arrow

…. well that’s it

jon Q says:

This feels like a mobile game… look horrible.

Torin Abrahams says:

was that bryan cranston at the beginning?

Mykee Wattz says:

brainiac looks too human

Adamatronamus says:

Brainiac’s regime seems a lot more peaceful than Superman’s.

Satanic James says:

In the first trailer of injustice 2 flash’s gear looks exactly like reverse flash

hard mode says:

Just want to know,is this game su fucking predictable that ends with superman saving the day?

PenguinGamer- Penguin Gaming says:


Hugh says:

happily waiting for this to drop..

Davison Suboro says:

Is this the timeline before DC universe online?

GCT10/31/1990 says:

Man I thought this was cutscenes of the game, not the same damn thing everyone else is doing, taking all clips and putting them together

Budiman Jo says:

Maybe i Buy this game Because of BATMAN..

Darus salam says:

8:20 JL its reunite time

MadBlade 12 says:

Is super girl 16 or 17 in this game? cuz she is still a Teen from what I know.

Afraz Amjad says:

damn soo good

Edward Marasigan says:

you should have chose that one clip where Darkseid start walking. that clip alone sends chills to my spine.

Bobby A says:


DoctorWhoFanBadWolf says:

So based on that first trailer, “reborn” apparently means “pretty much the same but with extra bits on.”

Sara Hamza says:

want to see its movie

El Tankcraft says:

Substitles on 7:20

TheHorreK2 says:

after the events of the comics, how could hal possibly get his ring back? lol

Liam Oliver says:

Brainiac sounds exactly like The Question from Justice League Unlimited.

TheGamingbros56 says:

Who pre-ordered the game

{OMGItsWater33} [SEAL] says:


Matthew Ulanski says:

Then we are all in the dark together.

dav00ss says:

that “Shazaam” 7:16 gave me goosebumps!

JOKER says:


Taraius Yami says:

Oh well we did see a glimpse of Green Arrow’s new super, when he shoots his Explosive Arrow behind Bane and throws Bane on the Arrow just before it explodes.

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