Imaqtpie after he Saw the NEW Ryze Cinematic | Yassuo Loses it | LL STylish | LoL Moments

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herrj says:



The Fawkner says:

he have autism or some shit??

Jc Garcia says:

League of legends game announcer to Yassuo: pedophilia Rampage!

SelectorOfSouls says:

Something is wrong with that mom yassuo was talking to at the end. “of course she’s cute, she’s my daughter” like… no, your daughter is not cute just because she’s your daughter. For all we know, she could be the ugliest girl on the planet and you’d still call her cute with that kind of logic? Unless of course the mom is implying that she’s so good looking that there’s no possible way her daughter could be not-cute which is a very shallow way of thinking. Either way, whether or not the daughter of this parent is “cute” is opinionative, and the fact that she’s “her daughter” is irrelevant to the decision regarding the girl’s cuteness.

D.T DieRekT says:

yasuo acts so differently from irl and on stream xD

SlayedByPrayee Sniping says:

to be fair, MF’s tits are wAAAAYYY smaller than in any splashart.

Hitman says:

It’s MF with no make up

boeie enboeie says:


Daniel Bang says:

llstylish laugh is cringe

Captain89Kirk says:

Anyone wanna talk about how Crescendo is supposed to make people dance?

LIL MAD says:

qtpie OH MY GOD

Curationz says:

so is qt just like braindead or something cause literally every champion looks exactly the way they should lol. probably is braindead he did drop like 600 lp from chalenger all the way to d3

ToodyProCafé says:


Garrett Beckner says:

Caster: “You have never seen this before in a competitive game!” Then in the same videos see voyboy clip

SlimeSkillz says:

5:15 right clicking *intensifies*

Zanaks says:

qt asks such fucking dumb questions, he has played this game for such a long time and still asks “IS THAT *insert champ*” this shit triggers me

James Howlett says:

why do people say, instead of making this trailers and shit they should balance the game? the dumb asses must not know the people who make cinematic and the balance team are completely separate, its cool to have your issues with league but dont just go to a video about something fun and cool just to bitch and complain about something completely separate

yellowned says:

QT is actually blind af lmao

mario meza says:

3:52 I don’t understand much the english, is he angry because taliyah is not mid laner in the statistics?

Seth Games says:

Trundle is fucking huge wtf

MC Anthony says:

Miss Fortunes tits were too small…

2/10 mediocre cinematic

Roberts Spickus says:

Qt egg. What the hell you talking about?

Chatoic Chaos says:

If you all hate QT why don’t you stop following him and unsub. Huh?

yung spout says:

1:49 that yasuo is nuts

aeklund says:

why is moe so angry about taliyah not being labeled a mid champion? its not a big deal?

FrostyChidori says:

I hate the players who say in a accent I’m so insane like I’m literally insane like cool no one gives a fuck

Pluck Horris says:

New Ryze Elsa skin confirmed.

YeetBoI says:

i like how he calls the rock golem blitz LOL

Daniel Kang says:

Lol qt so funny

Angel VanB says:

Can u stop mentioning the guy with the moo hat? no hate but he takes a spot of someone who actually does somethng good

Pyke OTP says:

It was a ryze q is qt retarded

zouk079 says:

Can anyone tell me why yassuo is so mad that taliyah isn’t in the mid champs section?

Acid DRG says:

Is qt blind lmao

January 2nd says:

Reborn again again and again wtf ?

Udon says:

am i the only one who didn’t get the part where shiphtur is talking to himself in chat?

Dan Edridge says:

Please put the LCK games in time order 🙂

When it’s 0-0 around around baron we already know what’s about to happen otherwise..

(Previous clip shows 0-1)

Ōkami says:

Holy shit you ape shut the fuck up and watch the video

Caveman Raven says: is happening to league syke

LaVemOChaves says:

Moe is a Lolicon OMEGALUL

TwistedSpot says:


ARION says:

u all so fuking lore noobs

Flips Innocent says:

im so happy i stop waching moe

Long Schlong says:

sejuani glitching in base in the fucking lcs 2:40

Devils Advocate says:

Did no one hear Yassuo admit to being a pedo or something?

David Carvalho says:

Imaqtpie bitches about everything thats why i dont like him.

Carlos Murrieta says:

Now I know why he calls his fans moelesters

Mad Shloooper says:

For the sake of everyone watching these videos, stop using clips of Cowsep pressing Q and hitting right click. It’s boring and predictable.

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