HALO Wars 2 Cinematic Story Trailer

HALO Wars 2 Cinematic Story Trailer

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mikołaj muldner says:

Will it be on PC!

Ben Green says:

I want an xb1 now

[^/] 343 Guilty Spark says:

Im early,lets write down a joke..

Future Halo on PC

Derp E says:

looks amazing

Qwerty Bastard says:

Looks like they caved to SJW BS with the new AI.

Ramen Scientist says:


Jake Hawkfield says:

I didn’t know the citadel was in Halo

Nathan Williams says:

Whats this obsession with blue in the new halo games? BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere!

Emanuel Gonzalez says:

I want master chief to run into his old mates but I’m sure that they’ll be killed off in this story

Brandon Richardson says:

Atriox is like the Spartan of the Unngoy. That’s fucking nuts. Im going to have to get this.

ThaBlu says:


The comments Of YouTube says:

Man I wish this was a spin off halo game like halo ODST and your a random Spartan and its FPS
Instead of the halo wars type gameplay

Henry Smith says:

What about the flood.

Hm? says:

Arn’t you guys a bit tired uploading everyday?

It's Time to Stop says:


Leo Py says:

Is this for pc?

David says:

Trailer…? More like annoying-ass commentary over shitty pre-rendered Halo. Dislike and unsub.

EEProductions EJW says:

but is their an elite faction in the game?

Alaa Adel says:

28 years….. damn

aurélienK 644 says:


PsychoCartoon says:

this game is gonna be awesome I can’t wait

Ashley Percival says:

can’t wait! It’ll be interesting to see what humanity did regarding the Ark, did they get there through the New Mombasa portal, or did Infinity take a science team there?

Not to mention that this is also supposed to take place after Halo 5, during Cortana’s ‘rule’ of the galaxy. Maybe the Spirit of Fire will end up in the next main Halo game in some way?

IIlukezillaII says:


Nathan Williams says:

Please dont let this story be associated with the god awful power rangers episode that was halo 4 and 5 PLEASE! lol

M3M3L0RD says:

I wonder if Atriox and Cutter end up allying in the end against the Flood..

The Gravemind survived… big surprise.

are you mad? says:

Better than Infinite Warfare

Skidstung says:

Gideon Emery is the captain! OMG

Just Passing By says:

I thought this was an infinite warfare trailer for a second

Sasuke Uchiha says:

this should be only out for pc
its games shouldn’t be played on console

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