GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Cinematic Trailer

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Public Beta is now live! Play free now at !

From the creators of The Witcher series of games, developer CD PROJEKT RED, comes a different type of collectible card game. Based on skill rather than luck, GWENT encourages use of strategy and deception to defeat your opponents.

Command highly customizable armies, sling powerful spells, and summon mighty heroes with game-changing abilities.

Played in a best of three format, GWENT is fast, fun and fresh — and now you can play it with friends!



Ashiqur Rahman Mallik says:

Somewhere deep inside, my Hearthstone soul just took a dive and took a dip towards this Luve! I gotta play you in secret away in my natural habitat though! Because here, you’re a taboo & considered as a loafer’s bread and butter. But I believe you’re different! I bow my pinky towards you! Also, I won’t need to commit a sin by Pirating you (ahemz)

swEgo says:

Epic trailer. Too bad I was not able to sign in for a beta when it started, because the website had problems. Thanks for that kind of treating, devs. I won’t play your Gwent game if you treat like that those who were hyped so much. From what I heard from my mates, those who signed successfully, some of ’em didn’t even get the key.

And now what – we, who were hyped and motivated, should be happy, because we can play in public beta without any boosts that were given to those who were able to play the game in closed beta?

Well, I’m gonna pass. Firstly I got the Witcher 3’s DVD which was broken, later I couldn’t sign in for a game I really wanted to play, and before public beta I read that there were some giveaways. So cool to hear I could become one of training dolls for those who were able to play from the beginning.

Anyway, I will stick to HearthStone. In HS I am treated with dignity and looking on gameplays – Gwent is different and worse, as for it’s harder to convert it into mobile platforms.


Felixpf1 says:

Please give us a Witcher 4

KaanBey says:

I loved the fact that ciri was pissed because of that she lost the game.

Ryan C.P says:

But Yen is 7

maciej złotorowicz says:

to jest właśnie ten swojski klimat! 1:12

Varnark The Warrior says:

Omg I want to play this so much yet I HATE gwent! XD

István Mayer says:

Amazing video, lets make movie with this animations

Mix says:


Karol Borowiecki says:


IndigoS says:

Jesus… Nilfgaardians get triggered so easily

Chukk Rukkuz says:

Only thing that is bothering my game sense is WHo the hell plays Villentretenmerth Last round

Marcos Cardozo says:

Just amazing!!!

PhilYgoña says:

Witcher 4 please. i don’t want this crappy card game.

Kraetos John says:

I don’t get it. Why would Nilfgardian soldiers want to kill their emperor’s daughter?

DG says:

Geralt’s mouth is animated differently for other languages, first time I ever saw that.

DerTyp says:

Please Witcher 4 Ciri.

KaptenV says:

why was that ‘yeah’ from ciri sounding so weird?


Not this overrated mediocre game again… man this game is cancer for REAL GOOD GAMES.

Pai Kat says:

i want the music 1:10 ingame pls

SolgerLemp says:

hearthstone v2

SlayeCohen says:

She looks very mature in this trailer, not like the ciri on the game. Loved the animation, netflix should do something like this.

Paulo Lameiras says:

TW1 was good, TW2 is fantastic, TW3 is a masterpiece, GWENT is the most addicting card game i have ever played online…
Respect CDPR, you are the new Valve!

Michał M says:

czy ta gra bedzie na linuxa?

Unorthodox_Gaming says:

I really want CDRP to make a 4th Witcher game following Geralt and Ciri. We barely got to see what Ciri can do and it would be awesome if she became a companion to go on contracts with. Maybe some trouble stirs up and she is the only one to stop it, so she leaves Geralt for a bit again but he finds her to help her overcome it together. That would be awesome. Plus there is still plenty of places and more creatures to show off that we haven’t seen before in game.

Karan Joisher says:

Those who got the bad ending cant relate to this trailer xD

sampochw says:

That does not sound like Ciri at all.

Hayer PL says:

I thought that Yen had 7 attack…

Captain Scroof says:

I’m still kinda angry at CDPR for giving geralt a darker skin tone and darker facial hair/eyebrows. That is very un-lorefriendly considering the fact that Geralt lost all his pigment due to the trial of grasses and so on…

Хрен из Майами says:

хаесику пизда

basjebro98 J says:

im currently playing the plubic beta on ps4, but its shows black bars on the sides, enyone know how to remove them?

Jyessi Terriaynt says:


EzioIlMentore says:

Either Emhyr did indeed order the execution of her own daughter or those soldiers serve a usurper to the Nilfgaardian throne… because remember how Emhyr also has enemies in his court?

Flash Gordon says:

that was sSOOOO goooooD trailer

Rozkaz 66 says:

Miazga! wiecej animacji z uniwersum!

Evan Hoffman says:

One thing that irritates me – trailer was awesome – is that the dialogue at the end has Ciri speak while Geralt is STILL saying words… Y?

Kevlord22 says:

i wish it would play animations and music like this in game.

Alejandro Carrasco Milan says:

Best cards game I’ve played

Bartosz Gomulski says:

Gwint MUSI! wyjść na ANDROIDA!

John Doe says:

Wait. Are we going to pretend nothing happened to Geralt’s eyebrows ?

Best trailer ever tho. Good to see the two Sorcerers working as hard as usual.

Kutango says:

A gdzie pl?

Alexandrrr Alexandr says:


Petru says:

nice animation

Moon Emoji says:

i remember i got some early access code for the beta and this looked boring af sp i didn’t use it.

what you expecting me to say that i regret it? hell nah

TGGamesmaster says:

“That was a good g- yeah”

Olaf says:

amazing game

rodiane says:

Ваще четкий трейлер.

Najemniczkas says:

“Let me guess… She’s got the Dragon?”
Oh, wait, wrong game 😀

Spash 1098 says:

I just started playing and my deck is already very good

Jason Smith says:

is full verison going be free too?

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