Friday The 13th The Game Gameplay Trailer and Cinematic Teasers E3 2016

Friday The 13th The Game Gameplay E3 2016. New Gameplay for Friday The 13th The Game at E3 2016

E3 2016 Trailers Playlist:

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Impala6789 says:

This makes Dead by Daylight look like a bitch.

Chinas Legacy says:

I will buy the game WITH any add-ons that come out IF the game comes out on this Friday (the Friday on the 13th <3)

Enrico Panebianco says:

in this demo video game, I do not see cheerleder fleeing with her tits to the wind and killings while having sex, this is for you Jason Voohrees?!. However when it comes out the demo?

Gintas Ltu says:

So this game is be available play multiplay or singleplay?

Ryan Redinger says:


Siberian Asian says:

Looks gay.
Well, back to DbD then.


I see obvious flaws here
1.if Jason can only teleport and not run, whats stoping people from trolling and just stay like a few feet away, watch him, and just stay out of his reach the whole game?
2. Can Jason only teleport when people aren’t looking at him?
3. Why even hide? Whats the end game here? To survive till morning?

Sgt.Derp, Brony with no sympathy. says:

I can’t fucking wait to see Anita Sarkeesians video on this.

*Uses footage from the trailer but claims its her own gameplay.

“Jason it a epitome of male paternity, he is depicted as a over masculine hero traveling around slaughtering innocent women in order to assure his male dominance and to oppress there sexual freedom, the player is forced to feels Jasons hatred for all women.”

*While a woman’s voice echos in Jason’s head.

“that’s my boy Jason, Kill them all! Make mommy proud.”

Karbon Enterprises LLC Karbon Enterprises LLC says:

oh all you survivors need at least 20 hours Dead by Daylight training….. dam noobs….

Dead Wxlf says:

Guys when does this come out for consoles?

Ayman Hazim says:

this game is no need to play lol it sucks

After Fall says:

Here is Johnny

Gary Vest says:

aaaaaaaa yeah

Dugi Devet says:

I dont understand concept of the game , you just walk around and kill people on different ways and thats it….manhunt was way better game then this…

Aidan Baillie says:

When is this game out?

GRYf :P says:

it is to easy for jason. that is not fair.

TAG says:

Wow this is dumb. Why even bother hiding when he can see you with that special sight? This needs a lot of work. And besides, it’s beyond grotesque. I’ll pass thanks.

Norma Rojas says:

Mainkra :v

Ludvig says:

Jesus Christ, there’s a lot of people already saying the game is going to be shit and Jason is op…shuuuuuut the fuck up you saw like 5-10% of the game

Declan PlayzGamez says:

Admit it your all here for the thumbnail

Edgardo 'Dio' V. says:

Is Jason’s mom voiced by Jennifer Hale (aka Fem Commander Shepard)? Sounds a lot like her.

Brainiac 5 says:

Jason appears to have gotten fat

albin rosenvind says:

no scery

Dro Zen says:

this game what you guys didn’t know its a remake from the original SNES game oddly enough same title, it has similar plays. but the difference on snes with this version, you only play survivor LJN botched the game, now skip 31 something years later ungodly presence by a small team creator along side with kane Freaking hodder SHit got real. Thank you for making this game! we waited years for this game ever seen light of day up until now with the technology catching up its like being in film.

TheMsNalani says:


Dianam Jaya Offset says:

WTF.. playing as a insane guy???

KurtPlaysVideoGameZ_and RobertSwiger says:

Am I the only person to point out clickbait

Nomad !lol! says:

Jason is wayyyyyyyyyy too op

Yoda Cartel says:

Is this battle toads?

Stacci Guma says:

I think the fact that some people are arguing Jason is too OP while others are saying he’s a pushover is just proof that the game will be well balanced.

Abhijeet Singh says:

so much fucking game ever I seen before… ever

Quebec EU says:

This game looks sick, people saying it will be boring when it hasnt come out yet, but opinions are opinions so fair enough. But imagine playing this game with a group of friends, it would be jokes XD

Nancy Hurtado says:

solo por la intro dislike

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