Fortnite Season 8 – Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer

X marks the spot in this cinematic trailer for Fortnite Season 8!


Zoey Bradley says:

i crave fortnite

Smashz gaming says:

*opens chess*
Wow a bush

Elitemation says:

Fortnite: *makes new season*
Apex legends users: lol lets go be dicks

Zac Attac says:

People making hate in the comments smh, The Creators of fortnite work hard on these events and more.

TheDabbingSteven says:

The Prisoner – God Of War.
Blackheart – Pirates of the caribbeans.
Ice King – Adventure Time.
(Sorry for the last one XD)

Sebastian Plascencia says:

Bruh i didn’t get this little video when i went on fortnite

Elitemation says:

The animators should make a cartoon or something

under god gamer says:

Why 2 fish sticks?

Jayce says:

0:08 *Jack And The Caribbean joined the chat*

404 Archives says:

This can have so many memes from this XD

Gabe Lozano says:

Fire king will win

ketchup bottle says:

Its just a chest, chill

Andy Tucker says:

kraken in lazy lagoon???

Se Lu says:


Shawn Jordan says:

This the only season without Jonesy

NOOB Gamer_YT says:

Yar har look at sea what do you see you are a pirate

Justin Buscher says:

They should of put omega in it

GamerulFoxyRO says:

0:49 The X is on the castle in polar peak and where do we find the chest? In a castle,a different one,but still a castle

Jackson Alexander says:

You mf late

Alex Mojica says:


speti991 says:

Reiv ce Fr ee Vbucks – > V B U C K S 1 2 3 . C L U B?

sela says:

i cant wait till season 9 and 10

Aidan Carrodus says:

thats not fake guys

Ewan Skinner says:

Soon kids are going to think pirates were invented by Fortnite.

Visord Miguel says:

in the video when the 3 teams meet: Blackheart team, Ice King team and the Prisoner team you realize the maps are on the right hand of the leaders.This is just me so tell me what you think

Xd Casp4r says:

0:30 EPIC

Mr. Scares says:

Could anyone else picture this being music for Star Wars?

Imperfect says:

But can they add ASIA servers for xbox?
Ive been playing for 180 ping, Its soooo unfair

deni plevel says:

Fortnite je dobar ali me zanima koja je sezona 9

Xgamer10 says:


SpellLurks says:

For some reason: Blackheart is the most expressive one in this trailer

In the beginning when he pointed at the treasure, he has a happy face, he also had a jolly walk.

When he came to the treasure, he showed his hook and a confident face.

When he saw the Ice King, he showed a shocked face.

*Blackheart is now my favorite outfit.*

Edit: This trailer clearly made me think of a season-limited time mode called “Treasure Hunt”

Beerus God of Pudding says:

I don’t like fortnite, I like PUBG more, but that’s my opinion.

Noufel Bukhari says:

I hope they add a Japanese theme next season, and for season 10 add an alien theme

sela says:

season 8 is finally here i have only the ninja and the pirate skin.

Beefy boi says:

Bruh why is the Apex community so toxic? Like let us enjoy the game.

DarthMello316 Fortnite says:

Like = fire king
Comment = ice king
Subscribe = pirates

Rizey_ Playz says:

At the end the X is over polar!!!

Clout Cloud says:

0:35 Fake they didn’t redeploy their gliders

Zac Attac says:

Season 9: War of the Elements, Featuring Lava, Water, And Ice

777carissa says:

Look closely at the ice kings armor, it is the snow king actually

EndermanRock4 says:

Woah I didn’t know Johnny depp is now in fortnite!

Oliva Ramos says:

que piratas del mal

Whagi The HOttEsT Boi says:

So um the ice king is now white :/

Oscar Vernède says:

I don’t know why but I love the flute bit at the end.

RedWolf25 Gaming says:

0:49 X marks the spot, but the spot is at polar peak, so that means there are more secrets hidden in the castle to be defrosted. Right behind the words is a map of the fortnite island which marks at the castle. They want whatever the ice King has.

Gamer Cato says:

0:36 – end is my favorite part

Syailendra Thahir says:

Who else saw the ones who were beside ice king was using boogie bombs

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