Fortnite – Launch Cinematic Trailer

Strange things are afoot at the DurrBurger. Assemble the squad and get ready for the launch of Fortnite with the cinematic short.

Fortnite is the Action Building game from Epic Games coming to Xbox One in paid Early Access on July 25. Pre-order a Founder’s Pack to get a four-day head start beginning on July 21 along with the Storm Master Weapon Pack!


Bryce Davenport says:

This reminds me of *Sunset Overdrive*. Also, XBOX REPLY TO ME!

Brandon Jolin says:

I honestly thought this was a once upon a time ad at first because of the purple cloud rolling in and the town looks similar

KingTrickster Dubs says:


CoolBreezeMemer /VRSamsung says:

So we have a Genji main, Reinhardt main, and a Doomfist main, and Zarya (minigun) and Soldier main, what’s next? Looks interesting though

2011Account22 says:

Wow! “Badass” girls! How trendy!… Face it, the gaming culture is predominately male. You can’t change that buy forcing an agenda. To think I was excited for this when it was in development last year… Not anymore.

Earonia Smith says:

Did the voice at the end sound like Aphmau to anyone else?? No just me? Ok I’ll just hide in my corner.

showlegacy619 says:

this as the same vibe, and even the same similarity to left for dead’s trailer. LIKE BIG TIME

Skater Eric says:

the misfits astro zombies at the end

Henry Herreman says:

Xbox plz make an Xbox one portable or just an Xbox portable I want an Xbox one portable but if you can’t do that then an Xbox portable would work

Josh says:

YO was that some based misfits in the background

panoss11games says:


VulpesRose says:

Ok, so the first time I saw this, I first thought it was a RWBY trailer or something with team JNPR. Because I saw a girl with short hair and a hammer and the girl with the ponytail. So oops haha…

But I guess the teams would kinda match a little: you got the girl who’s nice who kinda has everything under control (Pyrrha)

Then you got the girl with the hammer who’s strong and kinda quirky (Nora)

The goofy guy who makes bad puns and fights with a sword (Jaune)

And then the guy who’s serious and that’s “Not really sure about this” (Ren)

Dimmirion95 says:


Hatien Tacetlen says:

New Rainbow 6 siege looks lit.

David Nava says:

looks like final exam

Ezio says:


DaKreepy Ork says:

10% of comments: Wow this game looks awesome!
90%: *_T H I C C_*

Jen Jayakody says:

We need a Animated Youtube Series for this game it looks good, this trailer shows us the potential of that!

KingTrickster Dubs says:



Is that Mah BOI JD?

Bleachy Mcbleach says:


Mentally Distant Aleks says:

This honestly looks like it’s a complete game for once. Polished etc… Lets hope I’m not wrong on that

Blade Seeker193 says:

Mistfist is my favourite about this trailer

Macchiyone says:

Top notch voice acting. *SARCASM SELF TEST COMPLETE*

Deadhood 425 says:

Please make mw2 backwards compatible

JackGaming YT says:

xbox if u read this i love u

faumuinabound says:

Lara Croft?

Jatavior Byrd says:

fix my xbox live #justiceforMoldyHyperion30

KiritoRoti says:

My god is beautiful

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