FOR HONOR – Cinematic Story Trailer (E3 2016)

Official For Honor cinematic trailer !
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FOR HONOR – Cinematic Story Trailer (E3 2016)
Release date : February 14, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
© 2016 – Ubisoft

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אריק סמוילה says:

This is better than every movie I saw in 2016 lol

Black Phillip says:

Join the Knights. Death to Vikings

hulkcrusher69 says:

2:06 and onward is just an amazing fucking timelapse with beautiful music and atmosphere.

Issac Marquis says:

An earthquake that makes north europe meet japan. If this earthquake is that big, I dont think any human could survive


This is us if we don’t stop pollution!

Lucas Cavalcante says:

that pose is fucking badass 2:59

Gage Hamilton says:

…then they fought for that puddle for 1000 years

Cresh says:

“Greatest warriors the world has ever known”
Laughs in Spartan

Ryan Bourke says:

Knights 100%

bounty hunters says:

I really want this game but 60 € is a lot of money for this

Final Night says:

It seems like that the vikings always end up with the decisions making. And always choose the bad choice for all of us, because of impuls.

The Curry says:

Lol. Poor Samurai kept being pushed down :(.

blazetrix says:

stupid game keep dc

Andres Barrera says:

samurai lets get it

timmychan 1234 says:

if have this game and want to game share on xbox one mssg me
kik: tommyphung123

Evil of the World says:

damm viking started it all lol

Arvian R. says:

that woman is very edgy

BobtailedZeus0 says:

The song at about 2 min is “I am war” by superhuman. Like if you were wondering.

Slade Wilson says:

Is it just me or does anyone else think Apollyon is kinda hot?

Erdrick Ortega says:

This game is probably one of Ubisofts best

spikey red says:

I reason why I watched this so much is because I like to see how at first how little they had and how he armor looked and 1000 years later how much the armor changed

nightsaw says:

This is one off the coolest trailers so much detail the environment growing the armed changing and even the humans evolving to 10/10

Ghost Gaming808 says:

Idk why but I keep replaying the part where the Viking drank the water

Ronan Molaschi says:

Love the music for this trailer, what is the name of this song, does anyone know?

Kasumi Phase 4 says:

I keep watching this trailer over and over.

Eric Garcia says:

so tragic

Spider-Man says:

They probably made the villain a woman to make feminists happy

Llama Shquad says:

Feminists: Why arent females the antagonist in games are we not good enough?
After for honor: OMG why is the antagonist female are we evil to you or something omg.

Dan Lara says:

What’s the song

D3VON_K says:

Never get tired of watching this…. I love the gameplay of this game sooo much, but the connection issues are so bad… every time someone leaves the lobby, it kicks everyone out. If u don’t finish the match, u get nothing….

Leo Williams says:

I actually thought this when I first saw this ” oh god , here we go another unrealistic superpower-bullshit fame with no historical links. But i actually throuroughly enjoy this game and have grinded on it for a week now and i’ve got my raider to prestige 3.

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