EXTINCTION – Announcement Trailer 2017 (Humans Vs Titans Game)

EXTINCTION – Announcement Cinematic Trailer 2017 (PS4/Xbox One/PC)
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SuperSaiyan3985 says:

1:00 One sword slash and he did that? I call BS.

Kaylin Ageno says:

This trailer is awesome

Af0 says:

How is it no one saw it coming….that things huge.

Yasna says:

Wonder Woman Full Movie [HD]1080p
Let’s play the movie enjoy

Styx Hellmouth says:

fun fact 0:57 is the alert sound from heavy weapon dude from doom 2 ^^

Zsigmond Varga says:

What a great original plot…no thank you.

Jason Vu says:

it was cool until the arm growing back shit

JoBoyJoe says:


Qwerty Bastard says:

Should’ve played some Busta Rhymes in this trailer. EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT!

Magic says:

0:40 – Things got rough for Jean Kirstein ever since he got kicked out of the 104th.

TirilBlake says:

Looks like a mobile game with orcs, demons, goblins, and other brightly colored evil critters wanted to transcend towards the whole “Attack On Titan” theme. Interesting… but I loathe the coloring choices from a thematic standpoint.

DeadChameleon says:

How did his tiny ass sword, cut the ENTIRE area of that giants arm….i don’t care how sharp that thing is.

Aaron Harcombe says:

assassins creed Arabian fantasy

Magic says:

This is pretty much the developers saying “I’m sick of you anti-weabs not watching a great show just because it’s an anime, imma make a video game for yall tightasses!”

Dipayan Bird Of Hermes Dey says:

Atttack on Titan: Get Sherkt Edition?

Strizer says:

This actually looks pretty cool! Hopefully we can get some gameplay soon!

Jason Landry says:

Damien Wayne grows up and travels to a multiverse where Shrek and Attack on titan is one.

Ezekiel Powell says:

Does that blade get longer or what???

starman1o5 says:

show me gameplay. this could be interesting

Hannah Meaker says:

will we be able to play a chick and will she too have a top knot?

mox95 says:

A Gameloft Bootlegg

gekkokkid says:

warcraft mix with attack on titan………

Gurtington says:


Badwerewolf Gameing says:


MacJBoi says:

Im down to play and give this game a try but the developers have to tell me now if the main character turns into a titan xD

oRYn says:

guys fuck you with attack on titan, i loved the series i watched it but the game looks good to me, i would buy it

koju-kin says:

That is one sexy titan!

haruvisa123 says:

This is the illuminate telling you your future.You better hope Im wrong

TRS DeagleS says:

Rip-off attack on titan ( American´s Edition )
DLC : ?????

MacJBoi says:

There is NO WAY they didn’t rip this off from Shingeki no Kyojin xD

RN Lobato says:

Assassins no Kyojin.

Ureallydonthave2know says:

why did they have to rip off beyblade like that

JanThe1st says:

looks nice

Geronimo Wirth says:

When this game gets a multiplayer , i will love it !

This Is Getting Old Google So Stop says:

y’all really went for the attack on Titan idea huh

Vingab Burton says:

this game looks awesome and cool but like nicole sierra is like american attack on titan but with different features

Just Viewing says:

Oh hey, I never realised there was another Attack on Titan game!

That Heroic Guy says:

He’s literally a Titan from Attack on Titan: He got his arm cut off but just regenerated it back, and was only killed by decapitation ( which would get the nape of the neck)

undeaddragon 1 says:

i love this game 🙂

Tiger King says:


Alexis Santiago says:

Just add shrek and ill buy it

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