EARTHFALL – Official Cinematic Trailer (New Co-op Horror Game 2018)

EARTHFALL Cinematic Trailer (New Co-op Horror Game 2018)

Earthfall is a co-operative shooter for up to four players. Using team-based tactics to fortify holdouts and complete objectives, players must work together to survive EARTHFALL!

• Release Date: July 13, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, PC



theh3r0bra1n says:

left 2 dead bought the advenced warfere mystery box

RipJaw says:

Left for dead mixed with fortnite save the world

King centipede says:

If the voice acting in the cinematic trailer shit that probably means the game is going to be shit I should just not buying this or at least watch them actual gameplay footage when it comes out before buying

Soulless138 says:

Looks like cod extinction and advanced warfare zombies had a baby

Zyurg says:

I can see this failing.

Diego Cusido says:

Does this look a little like the Fortnite trailer?

Angel Actually Xo says:

Weak ass shit

Fr33domSouL says:

The trailer looks cheap…with terrible voice acting…

Голытьба Даниил says:


MilkyyM8 says:

Kill all son of bitches, those are my official instructions

Fish Bird says:

Everyone’s saying it looks like left 4 dead but this kinda reminds me of Fortnite STW

Julius boy says:

Looks like Minecraft

Justen Smith says:

Small deva are like the facebook group “the same picture of jeff goldbloom every day”…..come up with a new idea for fuck sake…that or just call your game carbon copy 22

golem smeagle says:

Probably has a battle royale

Trophy Leader says:

This game reminds me CoD Ghost Extinction mode. Looks like fun, lets hope there will be some easy achievements/trophies.

Julian Higuera says:

Fortnight save the world

Gamur Zurker says:

son, we just crossed the street

Biblicality PSN says:


Carlos Tabanico says:

Left for dead 3?

MadBlade 12 says:

Left 4 dead Alien wars!!

Royal Playz says:

looks like nightfall from extinction in cod ghosts

Patrick Mahomes says:

Pretty terrible voice actors

V De Vingança says:

LEFT 4 DEAD 2 + COD BLACK OPS 2 Zombie = Earthfall

Mr Niater says:

And when finally there’s a survival game that comes for consoles its shit

Kamikazi Fish says:

Nah homie this ain’t it

King Mighty K. says:

Yeeeeaaaahhh….. nnnooooooo. Who wrote this piece of shit

Victor Padilla says:

More like Left 4 Dead with a Touch of Disney.

Gus Mor says:

If Fortnite and left 4 dead have a baby

Javier Alberto says:

Left 4 dead with demogorgons lmao

-_PILAX_- says:

Un intento de Left 4 dead

Capital Ac3 says:

That’s the 3D printer from cod aw zombies

Jake Bocskovits says:

This is what fortnite was meant to be!!! And this also can maybe be another “Left 4 dead” style game

James Minter says:

This game wants to be L4D so bad.

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