Deus Ex: Mankind Divided All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

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Gaming Sins’ “Everything Wrong With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:”

The year is 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution and the “Aug Incident”—an event in which mechanically augmented humans became uncontrollable and lethally violent. Unbeknownst to the public, the affected augmented received implanted technology designed to control them by the shadowy Illuminati, which is abused by a rogue member of the group to discredit augmentations completely.The Illuminati successfully conceal the truth behind rumors and disinformation, while the augmented are now outcasts from normal humans in an era of “mechanical apartheid”.

This game is excellent, with great visuals and improved gameplay from Human Revolutions. Personally, I thought the story was slightly better in the last game, but this one is still good nonetheless. Human Revolution had a grander scope, while this one was more focused in. There is tons of side missions and content, as well as “Breach” which is a second mode where you’re a hacker using VR technology to hack into security points. It’s fun and simple and a nice addition.

As always we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. We tried to cut the choice selection menus as much as possible. We hope you enjoy!

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Sneaky_ Ana says:

the game…so short….

KevenLovesRock 98 says:

Why Does Every Deus Ex Game have a woman that fucks up Jensen’s plans?
First Megan, now this doctor !

XXX Dutch says:

Wow that reminds me a lot of the NAZI regime…

Biddybalboa says:

turned off by that insanely long story “brief” jesus christ.

blastoise gamer says:

*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway*

Angel Palacios says:

there’s 2 wheys for a movie to Happen first like the Movie of Final fantasy days a.c. could be made or a real cinematografy using the guy from Matrix as the main character don’t you think would be good idea who may soported?

Muhammad Faris Bin Rahmat says:

1:19:59,smoothly avoiding answering Jensen’s question cause she’s Illuminati.

GodGod KB says:

The subtitiles are retarded shit why dun they split them to smaller chunks LOL. Hate reading long text while trying to enjoy the suspense

Nico By says:

Weird how the black chick, Alex, describes Anti-Aug sentiments as racism… Choosing(or not) to enhance your own body doesn’t make you of a different race. Augs would me something most choose themselves unlike race/sex etc. Not the same, decision can be criticized. Religion is similar, its not something you are born with, you actively ‘choose’ to believe in it.

Somewhat interesting.

Cool Dude says:

Thinking black ops 2 right now?

Zavi Aman says:

Delara sweet hair style

Kunchok Norbu says:

World is sick of technology !!

James Edwards says:

DNA I like it syrognoy division !

Angel Palacios says:

thomas A. Anderson , jennifer garner, vin diesel, scott adkins, arnold schwarzenegger, kim cardashian Deus Ex

BubbleSwan Shawn says:

it’s a shame that the voice acting is a little bit lame…

VoltageLP says:

I killed both Taggart and Sarif on the Panchea, how the hell are they still alive?!

Marco007Marco007 says:

HR might be one of my favourite games of all time. I’m 30 minutes into this and wth? Seriously this dude just removed a battery from the chopper and that was the epilogue? I mean HR’s epilogue wasn’t great either but it setup the story at least…. not sure I should keep watching.

serberian big cat says:

don’t do this shit in the future or we get fucked by hackers

jolena auvuya says:

there is a way it is constructed by the storytellers and developers behind-the-scenes, that if you can piece together and figure out you can have many keys to the world (earth) and the story, however, then it also exists, like everything else, within the soul of the world (earth) and the cosmos. and that only makes it more deeply deeply mysterious.
its a very clever video game series. I just ask for a little less darkness, a little more realty within the future world, and a little more maturity (less teenage) and then this series is on par with AAA hollywood near-future films (of which there aren’t even that many!)

Nico By says:

What an absolutely cringe worthy beginning, seriously. Something out of an edgy social science project for quasi communists. Writing sucked enormous dick there but at least the game itself is decently written, characters especially so.

สรวิศ ฐากูรชัย says:


jolena auvuya says:

who is the girl in the hat in the prague station who gets on the train????

Gajendra Hartarto says:

Global Goals didn’t say anything about segregating augments.

Jim Farris says:

Wow… That ending was… Remarkably disappointing and depressing. Our hero sets out to save the world and… Fails utterly and miserably? Jebus Christmas. It seemed no matter what choices you make as a player, you lose.

Mocvantung Moc says:

01668297046. Vietnam

Orion says:

LOL I thought it was a real movie and I was waiting for it to come out to Theaters in my state. But when I was getting into it I forgot it was a game. Most of your games are like movie’s to me. I don’t even think of the game I watch it like a real movie. Tomorrow night I am going to finish watching the last guarding. I would like to say thank you for showing us your great video games movies. I have been trying to watch some of your good video games movies and so far I watched Titan fall 2 and Ryse son of Rome and a bunch of other’s. Happy Holiday’s

Amiir White says:

2:55:23 Despite its shortness I really love that lil’ tune

Mocvantung Moc says:

very good video

Michael Kun says:

Arun singh…hehe, i knew theyd tie in to the Eugenics wars from star trek xD

GamingBase says:

A Criminal Past is out since today. Can’t wait for your cutscenes 🙂

SUPERMAN 7 says:

This is a good game movie, but it is too much talking scenarios!!!! (My opinion)

CaZaBa says:

I’ve seen only this movie, planning to see the let’s play too for better idea about this game, but it was kind a disappointing. All previous Deus Ex games was full of generally discussed conspiracy theories. (but HR started to go off this trend…) All previous games forced main actor in the ending to do the decision which was fating directly himself personally no matter if he chooses one choice or another. This installment was broadly just about that “somewhere exploded a bomb and about investigating who is responsible”.ANYWAY – I’m from Czech Republic and I’ve found this game also very funny. I understand that authors couldn’t avoid any mistakes in Czech language for 100% but use of general words like Utulek or Hlavni etc. as a certain names of some places sounded rather childish. You know just for having an idea – “Hlavni street”, in English “Main street”, doesn’t mean in Czech nothing more than a traffic designation which street is main way so it’s not a sideway, but it’s not any certain adres. 🙂 With all this and with some mispronunciation of Czech it completely changed the atmosphere of the story and I’ve laughed through the whole movie. :-)))))But good work guys, keep doing good just like till now. Peace.

JC Denton says:

27:53 You took the elevator? lol what a noob you are supposed to jump and use your icarus landing and knock out the guy below. Also if you are fast enough you can take out every single enemy and still have time to disable the chopper

SuppaiMono says:

So… sequel confirmed?

sodazman says:

Mr Brown looks like Barney Stinson.

Vincent Vlatkovic Le says:

The ending with Eliza Cassan scares me, given American politics and media. Yet, some people on either Clinton or Trump’s camp seem to think they’re aware.

Michael Kun says:


Wukong TheMonkeyKing says:

Awww yes, the year 2027 if the transhumanist party would of won. Instead trump won and he made the world great again like 1937.

Gamerdweeb Entertainment says:

What elevator? 28:08 Hahahahaha, I boldly jumped down.

realgoldfinger says:

I hate those cliché cheesy phrases like “semper fi. Hoorah!” bullshit. Who makes these dialogs? Bored of the American chitchat on everything

Tony Montana says:

who is the guy on 29:17?

bagpuss121 says:

You Do Realize That Non Lethal Takedowns Are Quieter That Lethal Takedowns ?

GamingBase says:

I just finished the game. I rly could cry right now. I am very disappointed. I thought there will be more than just one boss fight like HR. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck, now I can wait a couple of years for the next part.

Petr Horák says:

This game would have been a blast had it not been for horrendous voice acting.. I am native Czech and believe me the heavy Russian accent of “Czech” characters basically spoiled the thing for me.. I just couldn’t get over it, it’d been ripping my ears time and again, as it were.. Not to mention the fact that “Czechs” in the game totally butcher all the Czech names… Come on game developers, I speak both proper Czech and fluent English with “genuine” Czech accent haha.. I would gladly volunteer to do voice acting for such a game and am pretty sure there are many Czechs like me who’d join happily as well.. And you’d have proper Czech where it is becoming plus fluent English dialogues spoken with Czech accent.. 😀 Piece of cake but apparently nobody thought of it, maybe next time?

Anderty says:

Strange. From one point, I expected some serious Jensen vs Illuminati fight in this game. But they notice him only at the end of the game.
Damn, I really love this whole ghost in the shell feel as well.
And damn… Jensen is fucking Jesus. Fighting Illuminati so smart, so hard. And being all that cool and almighty… can’t shove off feeling, that that last guy even was planning all ahead to make from a Jensen some kind of God.

Doge says:


RobertsDigital says:

real life cinematics suck

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