Death Stranding TGA 2017 Cinematic Trailer | PS4 | The Game Awards 2017

Outrageous Death Stranding trailer from The Game Awards 2017.

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Wayne Salter says:

This game look interesting and dope. We definitely need gameplay. Looks like it’s gonna have that evil within gameplay style

Bülent Chan says:


Ethan Carroll says:

I want to be excited but wtf did I just watch

Jay Sam says:

I’m kind of afraid that this game would become like a “The Order:1886”

jago j says:

what in the fuk is this garbage


What the fuck is this ? More questions!

Gamegoy Color says:

Don’t do drugs and make games

MrKurome says:

this looks like the bad version of existence…. and I love it

Lucky Lust says:

hide and seek :okhand:

Victor Nguyen says:

Silent Hills is looking amazing!

Joe-Lou says:

This will be GOTY in 2025

Bruce Parker says:

80s feeling ost? ok im in

Master Blaster says:

I got 2 questions. What? and Dafuq?

Scandicraft says:

2:05 the plot thickens. Hide it in my socks.

rirakkunick says:

Gonna be nice to see something original and out there for a change.

ctrlaltdisease says:

Kojima must have brain damage.

Primax Blade says:

well… Hideo Kojima always gives a complicated storyline as always like mgs… i do enjoy a hard to predict story which awaits a careful n long undeestanding, till i could connect the dots.. can’t wait to play this game 🙂

Christian Müller says:

Bin ich der einzige der findet das der Charakter aussieht wie Daryl aus The Walking Dead? Aber echt Haargenau ‘-‘

Alex Ts says:

Its a little bit too much…

Benny Duncan says:

Call of Duty sucks this year

The Burning fire says:

Kojima no restraints

Ella Bone says:

I clicked on this thumbnail because of Norman reedus

vR Montages says:

Rly? 720p?? This quality suck, thats why i hate ps4 and all games for it

Nylodale says:

Shit man this trailer says a lot of what gameplay could be like. I even get some TLOU vibes.

Kiosade Kaorin says:

syco579 says:

Once again i’m left with more questions than answers.

Wilder Rincon says:

los policias sabian que asuntos internos les tendio una trampa?

Sergei L. says:

fucking delirium

James Helliwell says:

Holy shit im so excited, i have no idea whats going on but i fucking love it.

Tony Kravitz says:

When a drunk LSD addict goes into coma and the doctors try an electroconvulsive therapy.

Mikołaj Kozak says:

przekombinowane, aż odrzuca, brakuje jeszcze dinozaurów…

Inti147 says:

6:36 Is that Darly from Walking Dead?

Odeltor says:

Why no commercial for this? i am waiting for new the trailer like everyday

Roberto L says:

the bugs that Norman spatted out in the end seem to float upward: is this reality actually underwater?

galih pratama says:

This game will have really complicated story line just like outlast 2

Monopoly Billionaire says:

They probably dont even know what this is even about probably one of them games that gets hype but never intended to be released.

Melissa Young says:

What that???? Aliens

KrateKarrot says:

Let’s be honest, it’s gonna be a 10/10

Da Bossman says:

2:05 WTF lol

CamBen says:

My god what is with Kojima and fetus children?

Commander Fox says:


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