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TerrorChicken says:

is that the dance-scene out of pulp fiction ?

Dezzy O says:

Is that Nolan North voicing Deadpool

Chris Ah Puck says:

who voiced wolverine Tank Dempsey ?

Kamron Boggs says:

crazy bastard

Kaeda Sonata says:

Deadpool’s got ADHD like a motherfucker, lol.

Robert Holley says:

i        love            kay     yozura

Michiko Malandro says:

THIS GAME IS A MUST HAVE! Deadpool your so fucking hilarious. The game actually knows it’s a game that’s even funnier! Omg I used to hate Deadpool for some odd reason now I just fucking love him like LOLZ I WANT THIS GAME! (lolz cursing in the directions)

Maxx Blockbuster says:

7:48 Classic.

88pie88 says:

he hates the metric system?

he is Canadian

Sammi Arsenault says:


Forest2 Oficall says:

10:00 sould track ?

TheDonteinferno says:

13:17 laughed so hard i shit my pants

CanadianFriedChicken says:

4:58 “Dude F*** Math just use all of it” XD

Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya says:

Boaring as all get out. Marvel and DC Will never be the best thing to watch. Yucky! Just get this pooppy junk away from me.

krypto9095 says:

#Deezy O yup

Diadomergaming555 says:

link of twert?

HazeNationTV says:

was gone get it, but nah

ratnick says:

Quick Silver Dies! Vision lifts Thor’s hammer

thegamerultra 2.0 says:

deadpool is fucking awesome

Indy Elizabeth says:
master cheif rocks 117 says:

liked the babes

Marissa Colocho says:
Kylaind Willridge says:

deadpool kicks but

Noyon Talukder says:

Deadpool movie here => DeadPool Full Game Movie All Cutscenes Cinematic

hyperj20 says:

dude fuck math just use all of it

best fucking line ever!!!!!

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