DC Universe Online – Full Opening Game Cinematic

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This is a walkthrough video for the Jam Packed Super Powered MMORPG DC Universe online!
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Kay Nicholas says:

Come on, flash is faster than that!!!!!!!

Noah Potter Grimes says:

Womder Woman’s scream gave me chills o.o

GuitarWholesale says:

Excellent timing for killing Superman, just 1 second before shit hit the fan

Conner Grant says:

Gotta admit I love this version of Superman. It’s sort of Kingdom Come-ish, but a lot more unhinged

jdawg alexander says:

love this trailer but superman looks like he has down syndrome and he should have punted lex Luther across the galaxy

นัด กับนัด says:

the Giant Woman (0:44 min.). is she Ginormiga in monster vs. Alien?

Black Paradox Entertainment says:

Jesus Christ!!! Black Adam got fucking REKT!!!

Max Riot says:

liked how deathstroke made wonder woman his bitch.

MJ Superhero Fan says:

was that mark Hamil

Ja Ja says:

I lmao at how Deathstroke made Batman his pinata.

NATSU {sasuke} DRAGNEEL {uchiha} says:

the game isn’t to bad….BUT its not the best game

Abandoned Styles1997 says:

pretty badass cg opening for the game and this for some reason reminds of injustice

Megavic.id says:

superman is so OP here he’s ;faster than flash; ;his Laser kills FREAKING ADAM; ;ADAM’S attacks are like a child hitting on him;

Manny Weapons says:

what superman SAY batman, or bad man?

walmartpimp2 says:

It would have been cool if Superman referred to Lex as a “Diseased maniac”.

Ceridwen Aeradwr says:

Holy shit, I just realised that Lex Luthor is voiced by James Marsters (Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer)…
That… doesn’t work.. in my head…

The Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist says:

The fuck. Why are all the heroes so weak?? Flash should be a million times faster than that, he’ll he should be able to circle the earth a couple thousand times and save GL’s ass before BA even thinks about saying Shazam. WW should have fucked Deathstroke over too. Superman was practically sun bathing for god knows how long. If anything he should be invulnerable to Kryptonite and just wreck everyone’s shit. Unfortunate to see them nerfed like this.

Brian C. says:

Meh.Really grim.You telling me that even in the darkest times and heaviest battle,Flash has nothing witty to say? Meh.

Chief Turbo says:


Michelle Howard says:

What game is this

Jay Kelly says:

LMAO at Lex saying his name fast

Pink Del Rey says:

I dont like see superheroes dyeing but this is awesome and beautiful

Nadlin Riche says:

the flash, superman,and wonder woman were super under powered in this, but i guess they had to or else the whole thing would be done in 5 seconds

Max Riot says:

Damn they made batman look pretty useless.

I make you tilt says:


paperbackwriter1111 says:

Well Wonder Woman got the shit nerfed outta her.

Cirfhinzite The Ninja says:

where’s Freddy Krueger when you need him in the DC universe. Even injustice Superman would be horrified off his ass.

Hollywood Music Video says:

Why flash is now Barry Allen…i miss the old Wally West where are u…also with the greenlantern and hawk girl…where’s Jhon Stewart and Shayera Hol…why did they replace???

sushant gaikwad says:

I like the game but it’s nothing near the story and graphics of mortal kombat x

Tony Redgrave says:

That….was…..AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lithos man says:

what game is that

Elmyjohn Pelarco says:

only wizard,are apart of there creation..
and living in there dimensional world…
not me,never.

JaMarcus Butler says:

The game itself is amazing, but the intro is sad and kind of bullsh*t


Somebody’s gotta cut out 0:41 – 0:52

Lone Saiyan says:

Favorite part is when Lex gets owned.

Asim Nabil says:

where is arrow?

Ironically Unironic says:

I wish Marvel or DC ever made a full CGI animation with graphics like this, or better with a good plot and lots of action. Sucks we only get to see bits of such content in trailers or a few second cutscenes in video games.

Dyllan Chandler says:

Why wasn’t this ever made

l'enfoiré à lunettes says:

hugh jackman ?

Mmariama Manjang says:


wellplayedninjas says:

lol the way he was like ” ME! LEX LUTHOORR!”

Swaggermcbubbles says:

For someone who can literally carry a book of infinity pages, Superman was defeated so EASILY

Nigger Fagot says:

The flash is not that slow, he can break time just by running

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