DAYS OF WAR Cinematic Trailer (World War 2 FPS Game – 2017)

Check out the Normandy landings in the official Days of War cinematic trailer :
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DAYS OF WAR Cinematic Trailer (World War 2 FPS Game – 2017) D-Day 4K
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Josele Briva Martinez says:

is a game o a the most beautiful game of WWII ?

İbrahim Balkır says:

MoHAA and Saving Private Ryan

Danilo Henríquez says:

Saving private Ryan?? Jaja

harlemdeni says:

1. Cool cinematic. For 2014.
2. So this is Dunkirk The Video Game huh? Sure.

Teddy Hendra Z says:

I hope my Android would capable of playing this

Nathan uncharted Drake Videos says:

after watching dunkirk now this came on my reconmended list

ExpoPwn says:

Another WW2 game that totally disregards all of the other allied countries cause America is the best right?

Krawser Krip says:

00:28 Messi?

Yaumil Taufik Akbar says:

Reminds me to Erwin Rommel

Flak-bus says:

Why not african front?

Gethyn Thomas says:

20 years later and video games are still ripping off Saving Private Ryan! this looks almost like a shot for shot remake, If video games are ever going to be taken seriously as an art form (which they should be) then they need to stop being just a pale imitation of Film. theres more then one way to depicted this Historical battle, especially in a new and exciting art form like games. try harder

Warren Kent says:

shaving Ryan’s privates

Toothless .Fury says:

Looks like Source Film Maker

Austin Balius says:

Look like the exact scene of saving private ryan

MrMatik says:

is this MOH:AA remastered?

Abdul Wahhab says:

Saving Private Ryan Simulator

Rezlie Orias says:

and Heres an Animated Saving Private Ryan

MyGamingHeaven says:

so pumped for this game

MBernard3 says:

Looks like shit

John Doe says:

Does Spielberg know you’re using his toys?

Dominik says:

why don’t you just call it ‘saving private ryan’- the game?

N1ght 4awk9 says:

I like how creating a game about an event in history means that it’s copying another game or movie

William Brennan says:

love WW2

Keiter Demente says:




SpareBl00d says:

War never changes

Антон Выговский says:

Call of duty 2

TaE NaNooD says:

look like saving private ryan opening scene

morgan james says:

the bastards literally recreated Saving Private Ryan

Matthew Kendall says:

Wow what a rip off of Saving Private Ryan

Arie Achmad says:


myplane150 says:

Wow. That was a blatant rip-off of Saving Private Ryan. Right down to the American coxswains (boat drivers who were British in the real D-Day) and the pull out from the Captain’s bars. And why does this game look like it’s from the 90’s???

Julien Sorin says:

putain ils se sont pas cassé le cul pour les graphismes …

Dinglie Danglie Doodle says:

Oh great, we’re going back to the WWII shooter days.

OXOTHNK 111 says:

even despite the fact that on the second world made many games, if the founders do battle as realistic as possible and interesting, the game is gorgeous. We are waiting for interesting assaults bunkers and Omaha Beach

shitchops says:

even the tom hanks lookin character has the “parkinson hand” ^___^

AkiraTheGodEater says:

Damn there’s been a bunch of new titles being announced

Евгений Харитонов says:

Heroes & Generals much better than this

TheStarkz says:

Christopher Nolan is making a video game?!?!

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