CONAN EXILES – New Official Cinematic Trailer

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CONAN EXILES – New Official Cinematic Trailer
Release date : Spring 2017 on Xbox One and PC
© 2017 – Funcom

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seif amr says:

first eygptian

Michael Jackson says:

Nice trailer, needs more naked tits but nice trailer.

Anshuman Konwar says:

why does conan sound like kratos?

Kronos says:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This game will be a crappy, eternal biggest with shit voice acting, graphics, and gameplay.

Devjit Paul says:

is this a pc game and is it gonna use denubovo whatever

Klamy Dia says:

survive. build. dominate just screams mobile app. That irks me too much.

İsmet İşgör says:

I know it is not what its look like but Im still wanna play it. Fuck, I hate trailers.

DazzRune says:

1st russian

Lin S says:

The blood drops looked real.

Ridwaan S says:

did those creatures remind anyone of skags from borderlands?

David Rousseau says:

cgi just blows

Moromillas Radec says:

Not a good sign when you see a game trailer, and don’t even know what sort of game it is.

manuel nava says:

0:32 kratos voice?

Dog God says:

dominate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Grey Crimson says:

Oh look, he saved someone :] That’s pretty nice, i might like this

Moses Jonson says:

why does conan the character look like trevor from gta v, the actor

Geraldo Mota says:

show de bola!
vai ser pra Xbox

jack Kabab says:

i hope you see this moses janson you got owned little shit eater <3

Fu Chu says:


Bedřich jr. Satrapa says:

Jeez, how sharp is that axe?

Kevin Pacheco says:


assassin8or says:

Gonna be fucking awesome
Mythical version of Ark

PeskyRex says:

Hmmm…… Doesn’t look a whole lot like Conan but I have to say if he ever played this on Cluelesss Gamer he’d be in for a ride!!!!

Emma Smets says:

Beautiful bite clock valuable design.


Really Adventure

Graphics By Shady says:

The trailer is brooding and dark. The logo looks like it belongs to a ps2 action platformer. The fuck?

Peter Brown says:

Connacht looks like a ripped John Hamm

Aeternuss says:

Conan is only equal to Red Sonja. Conan is pure Badass Mofo he don’t need help

taverna do lobo branco says:

Looks promising

Fady Magdy says:

He Looks Like Pumped up Trevor

Master Luci says:

it’s like a ark and far cry primal

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