CGI 3D Cinematic Reel: “Games Reel 2016” – by Psyop

Check out this beautifully animated compilation showreel featuring some latest work on cinematics completed for several games, created by the talented team over at Psyop. For more information, please see the details and links below:

About Psyop:
Psyop is a production company led by directors with a simple mission: to craft compelling experiences that viewers seek out and share. Celebrated for groundbreaking work across platforms, Psyop specializes in creating content led by thoughtful design and breathtaking art. Psyop has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Persuade. Change. Influence.



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john j says:

so many distopian visions of future; you are what you think.

Kevin Brown says:


vblackrender. says:

The quality of this animation is amazing, looks very professional. the models and textures are great. the sound design too, looks like many people worked on this project.

Edson Hernandez says:

first one like if is good

Chaomatic says:

Imagine how cool this could be. To be able to put both all the memories and the energy in a single near indestructible globe, and switch of body at anytime. A really, really great imagination.

The Eagle eye says:

I knew this company made Clash Of clans cartoon.

Rulo Stiglitz says:

I have a boner

Ayrton e says:

This is actually what’s going to happen in the future if we let out more talky thanks.

Nael Manik says:

First Dislike XD

Z E P H Y R says:

Who else wants to kill themselves every time they have to paint weights

JohnPavilonis says:

The graphics were spectacular, but all the story lines were negative and depressing. It’s sad that combat and conflict is the only motive.

Antiglow says:

First trailer was great. The rest just sucked.

Nael Manik says:

Its joke XD

PWC says:

how to join your team? I have a script.

MirceaKitsune says:

“There is no more USA”

“And if you come close to our gates, we will shoot you where you stand”

So basically, that game is about the USA after Trump got elected.

Efe Yılmaz says:

love your videos

Thomas Wheelis says:

Pretty cool stuff!

Strahinja Banović says:

amazing animation kep up the good work

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