Call of Duty BLACK OPS 4 Cinematic Trailer (2018) Blockbuster Game HD

Call of Duty BLACK OPS 4 Cinematic Trailer (2018) Blockbuster Game HD
© 2018 – Activision

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MJ Lee says:



50 vs 50

ocsar tobi says:

Let’s see, how many people do you think will buy this despite saying they won’t?

CasualGamerPT says:

No single player it has to be half price!! No single player and full price, means no game for me!! Fucking idiots, the devs and the guys who buy this with half the content!!

4n0m4ly says:


Shane Graham says:

Battlefield V trailer isn’t even out and I already prefer it over this shite.

matthew collado says:


W. Kennedy says:

I’m not buying this shit

Ronin says:

BO3 didn’t relate from the first two BO games so I already lost hope in BO4. Got hopes for Battlefield V or Halo 6.

PNG Productions says:

“No one gives a fuck about you…you’re just a number…they’ve been manipulating you.” Wow, this trailer is really on the nose about how Call of Duty sees its fan’s, knowing that they can just pump out a shitty no-campaign experience, battle royale clone and the rabid beta’s and fanboys will still flock to it.

I used to be a huge Call of Duty fan, hell I stuck with it all the way through Infinite Warfare. World War II was pandering, this is just pathetic. Looks like the franchise is finally dead, and on it’s most popular spinoff nonetheless.

Sell out fucks.

gaming ready set Go 7/2 says:

No canpain Not a good game

MATPProductions says:

What’s the point of a cinematic trailer for a game with no single player?!? HARD pass.

BrothersBrooks says:

Manipulation, exploitation and watching us, pre-order now? If they are doing a battle Royale mode as apposed to something original and not even trying to make the Micheal bay style story campaigns they have down by now… Are they asking for a flame war? Is that what the message behind the trailer is?

The Can80an says:

Fuck COD and this modern bullshit. Gimmie a sniper rifle, a hand gun, and 3 grenades and make the objective to recapture a 1942 Nazi airfield. THAT was Call of Duty; not this crap. And no single player? Fuck that. Not that I was going to buy it anyway…

Kevin says:

sooo rainbow six siege, with call of duty theme ?

Donivan Livingston says:


the viper gamer101 says:

Plz let the trash game just die already this is so sick…

pablo chiarelli says:

Son como prototipos d los especialistas

Wafflelegoproductions says:

1st line sums up this game

Jake Oliver says:

Black ops has lost its name

Dusan Kostic says:

Rainbow six siege 2? Oh no wait its dlc for call of duty black ops 3 it looks like have updated graphics. Wait its call of duty BLACK OPS 4 ???!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even don’t have single player campaign!!!!! Screw you trearch SCREW YOU!!!!!!

katherine fisher says:

Violation verbal door release domestic plant in block cloth spread

fire blade says:


Lucile Boyer says:

account print association react display beer photograph desk survey whisper.

Eduardo De Sousa says:

Is he talking about Activion???

Heretohelpyou says:

It gets worse and worse everyyear why do they even bother?..Battlefield 1 has a superior engine and graphics than this will ever have and they got a new game coming out in October and dice will be rubbing there hands together saying goodie,,more players on there servers and it’s not hard to see why..Get a real game get battlefield it’s far superior

Alex Holly says:

No single player?!? What a bunch of wankers.

genocide amerika says:

America is a complete shithole country √

Steven Hynes says:

Is it only one player game ?

iTz_Merp says:

So many dumbasses in the comments who don’t know shit about the game. There will be missions of each specialists which becomes a mini campaign

SleekBubbles259 says:

Boots on the ground

The Spammer says:

Battlefield V wins fatality

Qyeesa Afdal says:

Kapan di indonesia

Đinh Việt says:

Is Captain Price still alive? ;))

Bruce Aitken says:

No campaign means Pay for Play. Avoid at all costs.

Afa Macdanold says:

looks more like Rainbow six siege

Jason Landry says:

Looks like the same old shit

Will M says:

why does it look like a fortnite trailer dont tell me their switching to battle royal

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