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Here is a game trailer compilation – the best game trailers at E3 2016. They’re good, can they be better? Let’s watch this version with epic music as the background!
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Brand X Music – Dark Justice
Brand X Music – Achilles
Audiomachine – Young Blood
Audiomachine – Bang and Burn
Gothic Storm – Seventh Tale EDM
Songs To Your Eyes – Air Support
Future World Music – A Hero Will Rise
Imagine Music – Infinity
C21FX – Blood Red Roses
Titan Slayer – Prometheus
Songs To Your Eyes – Vicious Love
Brand X Music – Beautiful Dreamer
Audiomachine – Sol Invictus
EpicMusicVN – Starlight
Audiomachine – Apollo Triumph (Remix)
Audiomachine – Akkadian Empire (Remix)
Audiomachine – Angels of Anarchy
J.T. Peterson – Seraphim
EpicMusicVN – Distant Journey
Andreas Miller – Sunshine
Songs To Your Eyes – Perseus
Songs To Your Eyes – Fiction
Brand X Music – Beautiful Dreamer
Brand X Music – Decimate
Gothic Storm – Seventh Tale EDM
Future World Music – Born For Victory
Songs To Your Eyes – When The Saviour Comes
Brand X Music – Save The World
Audiomachine – Xerxes
EpicMusicVN – Wrath of Gods
Michael Maas – Legacy is Lost
Revolt Production Music – Loki’s Legacy
Chroma Music – The World Left Behind
Audiomachine – Apocalypto
Audiomachine – Reaper is Here
Audiomachine – Motoneuron
Audiomachine – Amethyst
Audiomachine – Momentum
Songs To Your Eyes – Blue Drift
Audiomachine – Coriolis
Songs To Your Eyes – Trail of Blood
Audiomachine – Prologue – Birth
Library of the Human Soul – Darkness Intimate
Audiomachine – Slipstream
Revolt Production Music – Rise Of Justice

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Game list:
Intro “Characters That Matter”
Conan Exiles
Dawn bringer
Battlefield 1
For Honor
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Death Stranding
Here they lie
TitanFall 2
PES 2017
The Last Guardian
AoT – Wings of Freedom
Deus Ex – Mankind divided
Raid World War II
Gravity Rush 2
Hard Reset: Redux
Quake: Champions
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
The Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood
Final Fantasy 15
Axiom Verge
NieR: Automata
Dead by Day Light
Dishonored 2
Raiders of The Broken Planet
God of War
Injustice 2

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ConceptArt99 says:

Redout!!! Yeahh! ^__^

Витёк ЗЗЗ says:

13:30, this is man from Walking Dead!

Chin Nation says:

Two of my Favorite things in the world, Epic Music and Video Games all together. You’re The Best EMVN.

Oliveira #TeamSá says:


UnderScore Music says:

An hour of E3 trailers!? I’m going to enjoy this!

Nahuel occan says:

muy bueno muchas gracias


mercnos says:

i wish they used your guys cinematic for there E3 stuff probably shoot your subscription and view up to the millions and it be amazing since you guys do the best cinematic

MrDam236™ says:

Music of Conan Exiles (game) is ... amazing!

Zhen Lin CHN says:

Why no time Tracklist?Because you don’t know which music you are listening >,,<

MimiCatZilla Cat on the Mountain says:

Thanks for this uploading this, though it’s AOT ( attack on titan ) and not ROT. But i have to admit the A in the trailer did kinda look like an R

Asafe Ben says:

Forza, Gears of War 4 ?

Eru Ilúvatar says:

Excellent mix.

Spefi Pornetto says:

What a great mix. I’ll deffo listen to this whenever I’m studying. greetings from the Philippines (:

Hung Ha says:

Where is Halo wars 2 trailer?

jirehtheprovider says:

Besides the great imrpovisation of the trailers at E3, I’m still head scratching myself as to how the trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild was not included here. I know that there are so many available musical compositions that you can use for that trailer. But was the trouble on applying it on the case of being thematicwith the rest? I know that most can say that the Legend of Zelda is known for their outstanding background music, but what is preventing a talk about video game from joining this batch?

Marcos Gomez says:

…. amazing song …. that EDM is awessome

Quang le hong says:

gần 9 h tối mới rảnh xem được thank ad mở màng rất hay

Jackson Channel5 says:

Great playlist and please checkout my channel!

Radit Davito says:

very awesome,you make this song more interesting then before

Samuel Blot says:

No Dawn of War III ????? …

Titanium Track says:

watch dogs 2

LeHoang Nam says:

ủa video bi cắt hả ad,sao có mấy bài ngắn vậy,có bản full ko cho mình xin đi

Mohu Monkie says:

The tracks fit so well with the trailers that I actually think they’re really the soundtracks of the games

Colourless King says:

i didn’t know you do things like this its awesome

Games Clean says:

nice game video !

Nguyen Minh Khang says:

thấy vid mới là like trước khi nghe :3

ido peretz says:

yeeess keep up the good work

Titanium Track says:

ghost recon wild lands

Doge says:

The Battlefield 1 trailer is much better with this music.

illest_monkey says:

Really amazing, since I joined orchestra during High School. I love the epic music you upload. Keep up the hard work! 🙂

Truong Dang says:

most beautiful thing in my life

Jimmy Delgado says:

The best game at the E3 2016 is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And one of the Best Trailers in the E3, is the Watch Dogs 2 and God of War for Play Station 4 trailers. I prefer the Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay Trailer.

Dương Thịnh says:

cho em xin link mp4 với ạ xD

Alice Mystali says:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ?? … :'(

Stephen Kandeh says:

you guys should really start using hi finesse! Their music is sooo good, like equivalence or Odyssey or helix. just a thought

Twistperers says:

This is fascinating, great effort there 🙂

Ayala says:

pls upload GothicStorm-seventh tale EDM that somg is fire 🙂

Nillend says:


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