Assassin’s Creed Unity E3 2014 World Premiere Cinematic Trailer [EUROPE]

The French Revolution was led by the people. They stood together and faught the oppression. This year, and for the 1st time in the Assassin’s Creed® franchise, team up with friends to fight and destroy the symbols of oppression. THE online co-op mode you’ve been waiting for!

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Keyshaw Burgess says:




Shock Wave says:

I’m sure they “faught”

Bruce Wayne says:

Why people hating on the game?

B asti says:

Es ist so traurig das der Trailer besser ist als das Spiel.. xD

Minigun FML Imma says:

What’s name of this song?

никита родюков says:

welcome to your life

there’s no turning back

even while we sleep

we will find you

acting on your best behaivor

turn your back on mother nature

everybody wants to rule the world

it’s my own design

it’s my own remorse

help me to decide

help me make the most of freedom

and of pleashure

nothing ever last forever

everybody wants to rule the world

there’s a room where light won’t find you

holding hands while the walls come tumbling down

when they do i’ll be right behind you

so glad we’ve almost made it

so sad we had to fade it

everybody wants to rule the world

JopaJp Gamer says:

The best Assassin’s Creed forever

Lucas :D says:

i get goosebumps everytime i watch this traile

zELiTe- says:

old but gold

Mohammad Zaid says:


rafael ledezma says:

a comunity favor, open another tab, seacrh this Les Friction – World On Fire , mute the trailer and play them togetter 😀

maxetmisteranonyme says:

Vive la France !

Sastyan Khairunnisa says:

nice music. can anybody tell me the title???

DiablosWrath says:


Leo Beyers says:

2017 listening to Lorde’s new song made me remember how many school lessons I missed because I couldn’t stop watching this trailer!
Shame about the launch though.

Derrick Jacob says:

so og

Tomás Viana says:

What´s the name of music?

Napkin Box says:

Why do people say that unity has so many glitches? The game runs fine on my PS4.

Adolf Hitler says:

Who is playing Unity right now?

Fartin Gayrix says:

just came back over a thousand times just to listen to that awesome song <3

KAL- says:

Trailer song?

Рома Стефанко says:

Music ?

SenatorVegana says:

This trailer is epic!

anis djeddi says:


Wilson Brandao says:

cual es la cancion

Sastyan Khairunnisa says:

nice music. can anybody tell me the title???

Hiran Nagar says:

Watch this trailer and “way down we go” by kaleo together. Awesome!

Samina Vohra says:

nice trailer, it’s so awesome.They are having cool gadgets.

Landon Nolta says:

poor game, but dope trailer

Рома Стефанко says:

What’s music in the video?

R-chiTT jindal says:

Name of the song please

Alex.2001 says:

One of my friends got mad because they put a song by Lorde in this trailer, Now I know why we’re not friends anymore

Rubem N says:


Hskqkwvbe Kehwl says:

The trailer is waaaay better than the actual game

Truvail says:

This is probably the best video game trailer ever created

Рома Стефанко says:

Please tell

mine sheep says:

everybody wants to rule the world is the title of the song

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