Assassin’s Creed Origins – Cinematic Story Trailer (Game of Power)

Assassin’s Creed Origins – Cinematic Story Trailer (Game of Power) witness the growing struggle between powerful figures such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and the Pharaoh of Egypt, Ptolemy XIII.

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bastiisalive says: this when Caesar went to Egypt to have hot sex Cleopatra? 1:12 … Unless thats the style that time , He doesn’t even have the Roman Haircut ..or “Caesar” Haircut……damn man

Žan Ujčič says:

This looks amazing! I’ve always though that if they did ancient Egypt, the Alexandrine civil war would make for a great setting, and it looks like I was right.

pro black Angel says:

European accounts of this period focus on Alexandria as the venue representing Egypt, which is of course ridiculous, Egypt is a large country with many cities

Also missing from the historical record, is the occupation from the Egyptian point of view. Since the Egyptians did not Un-Learn how to read and write, it is safe to assume that there was much written on the subject, however that material has so far not been made available. Therefore the exact nature of the Greek and then Roman occupation cannot be accurately discussed.

the only thing we can know for Sure is the Cleopatra and julius Cesar story

and Cleopatra along with her half sister were mixed

they had a Black Mother

this fact is now confirmed when they found the body of her sister Arsinoe who was also mixed

BaseClaw says:

1:41 Those who have played Revelations will know this

ZeeTheFuture says:

Dark Souls Egypt. Yes Please. Typing with one hand. Dead serious.

Anubis Inepoe says:

i like it that they made a Egypt game

Qwerty Bastard says:

Sneks and now Giants?

Hawyer Cruz says:

Hire. Good. Writers.

Billi Joe Bobby Jr says:

Aw that’s cute ac things they can be Ben hur

Yussof Ross says:

Incest is wincest

Ian Muessig says:

Yay a new assassin’s Creed! Now we can repeat the same stupid cookie cutter mission of hiding in bushes and sneaking behind guards over and over and over again… Except this time it’s in Egypt!

Amr Adel says:


Drake McMillian says:

Julius Ceaser!

Nyxtroos says:

Real title should be, Assassin’s Creed: We Wuz KANGZ & SHIET

Paul Dominguez says:

I honestly hope we get a mission where Brutus is part of the assassins order and assassinating Caesar is another part of history shaped by the assassins. Sorry I nerded out for a sec. Don’t make this mission DLC tho ubisoft.

matvei_d says:

im just here to bitch about the combat system

Jackie Logan says:


Eyan Stevenson says:


Nameless Hero says:


At this stage the main story seems okay I guess. And yet… what about the Modern Day ??? Still needed for a great AC game. Period. Revive Desmond or new protagonist or whatever just do something (third person gameplay with missions).

Mistake: all the soldiers have bows

Kirby C says:

BUTT! can we have sex with Cleopatra? it wouldn’t be rpg open world game without any romance in it

Begging Edge says:

I’m actually looking forward to this (:

Paper Please says:

Did i just saw a Cleopatra sex scene?

Famida Islam says:

I learn so much history in AC with so interest than any classroom course can provide


They are quite exaggerating the executions. AC 2 did it better and more realistic. As far as I can tell, this will be a huge flop, much like Syndicate and Unity.

*grabs popcorn

Brian b says:

This game looks fire but nothing will beat the Ezio trilogy

The Lux says:

Can’t wait to play this on my PS3.

HernakHalamo says:

What’s the soundtrack ? It’s so cool !

The Stormie Knight says:

AC Origins is obviously a Game of Thrones copy now. Lol.

John says:

I’m gonna skip this one, hoping that the next setting will be Japan

ArthaxtaDaVince777 says:

Oh God……We get to see Caesar cut scenes…….Gonna be epic

Mohammed Alssamra'ey says:

Looks beautiful I already love it more than the witcher 3

oxis77gas says:

Romans with bow and spears? wtf At least they give them chainmail.

Kako Mohammed says:

niggers had nothing to do with Egypt

Hovardov says:

How to make videogames trailers? Make random videos of main characters with random speeches (they must be full of pathos), then mixed it with random gameplay moments (slow mo, and right angle of capturing will be great). And what about music? Just let some woman make some vocals with some orchestra. Here we go. Now, let the fanboys eat it first to make hype for others.

DMNitAllnicksRtaken says:

Teshin is that you?

john cruz says:

Enough with the stupid boat missions please.

leetle boy says:

Egyptian Joffrey confirmed?

Anime Girl Amy says:

0:27 Geoffrey! Even has a prissy voice like him, too lol.



pro black Angel says:

ill wait for the UNWHITEWASHED Edition☺

arctic_sandman says:

Titus Pullo Farks Cleopatra, long live the 13th

Jonathan Dick says:

Where’s Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo? 😉

Display_Name says:

Can’t tell if Kangz or not

ChocoPie Ani says:

reminds me of carter from rick riordan’s creation.

U wot m8? says:

1000th like

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