“A Night to Remember” Launch Cinematic – The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Feast your eyes on a gripping portrayal what The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about and step into the shoes of professional monster hunter Geralt of Rivia in this launch cinematic.

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Kwstas Dip says:

Whats the name of the song in the action scene?

MikePlayZ says:

I still want a full episode of this

Medi Khalif says:

hey anybody tell about This video why Geralt Kill that Ghost nd why this ghost shape shifting to girl please anybody else I’m so messed up

dejan says:

All dislike are from Todd Howard and bethesda team

47un says:

The pre-planning that went through this game is unbelievable… Orianna isn’t introduced until the very end of the second expansion pack.. people who didn’t play it won’t understand the conversation in the beginning..
And they released a trailer before the game even launched about the fate of such a character..
CDPR ! Kudos..

DanteDevonshire says:

Can someone who played the game explain to me why a Witcher would have never chosen this contract? And why times changed?

J. Moe says:

I want Netflix to cancel the Witcher and for CD Red to make an animated tv show

Filip Kaczyński says:

Przyszedłem tu poczytać komentarze,, ej ale to polska gra”

Kim says:

If the Netflix Show could just looke like this….sad they screwed it up._.

Tro qe says:

Kocham Cie Polsko ❤️

Enigma X says:

I cannot understand why they couldn’t just make a Witcher TV series OR movie with this animation / graphics.

TheFlyingSquirrel says:

I hear some two steps from hell in the barn scene.

Brig mm says:

May 19th lol I just noticed this game came out on my birthday when I turned 11 I should have asked my parents to take me to the store and buy me it that day

Chris says:

I didn’t even realize it until now that the song she sings is a song directed to telling monsters that the Witcher is coming for them if they are naughty. Hahah that is awesome, they created a song that was like a bedtime story for monsters with the Witchers as their boogeymen.

Nok2rnal1 says:

The 1.8k down votes are from EA suits and shareholders who claim “people don’t really enjoy linear games as much today” and that they are fading in popularity.

Migvo 01 says:

When you drink 1 bottel of vodka with 100% alcohol

MrBossAsian8888 says:

anybody notice that shes Orianna from blood and wine

gilang rama says:

it gives me a chill, best game everrr

hari zamzi says:

cd projekt red and warhorse studio is better than Bethesda bullshit

Yura Vovchuk says:

The best

Eric Pingel says:

If this was the game, that black blood would have expired before the fight started

Peter Pan says:

Aerondight <3

Adalard Richter says:

I bought this game on steam during a sale. I feel like a thief. I bought expansion pass for full price to atone to my sins

Alejandro Griffin says:

Little sad this was a trailer and not in the game tbh. Still really awesome either way

Alex Ruelas says:

Anyone playing in 2019

Sakun Panthi says:

gives me chills!

Travel Geek says:

Why this isnt a freaking movie is beyond me… Come-on people who made Beowulf! This is an easy win!

Kutas Kozła says:

Zajebista gra na kilometr widać ze polska bo tylko polska może cos takiego fajnego zrobić

krzysztof parcinski says:

1:09 best Geralt face ever

Heather's Death says:

I masturbate to Garrett……. Truth.

Official FeederSindex says:

Please where can i found that sountrack or song comment if u know

Joannot Fampionona says:

If the TV show is half as good as this, it’s going to be a huge success.

Ave Me says:


Gia D says:

Damn I loved Orianna

Mike Levidis says:

2019 enyone ???

Richárd Szekeres says:

Who was that girl? :'( Tell me that she was not Triss :'(

Anderson Wu says:

my medallion is humming, got to be gwent player nearby

Cerated Sign says:

So wait, he knew he couldn’t break her stone skin, so he poisoned himself before the fight knowing she would bite him, and then the poison got into her and made her skin weak enough to cut? and then at the end he passed out because of the poison in his blood? which means he timed that fight perfectly? just enough time to kill her before he passed out from his own poison?


Maksiu Kos says:

I like Polish Game!!!

Brush Weiyn says:

Me fighting with my ex

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