13 EPIC Cinematic Trailers of Video Games 2016/2017 (1080p)

Here are 13 Amazing Video Game Cinematic Trailers of 2016 & 2017! ONLY 1080p Cinematic Trailers of the Best Games in 2016 and New Upcoming Games in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC!
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Secure The Beat 2 – Andreas Jamsheree
In-Games (because of Copyright):
Spiderman: Epic Trailer 04 – Johannes Bornlöf
Titanfall 2: Dubstep Mammoth 1 – Cecilia Lindh
For Honor: Worth The Trouble (Cospe Remix) – Martin Hall
Final Fantasy XV: Nocturnal Waltz – Johannes Bornlöf
Death Stranding: The Rain Against My Window – Johannes Bornlöf

Games in this Video:
#13 The Last Guardian
#12 Spiderman
#11 Mass Effect: Andromeda
#10 Let it Die
#9 Titanfall 2
#8 Days Gone
#7 For Honor
#6 Injustice 2
#5 Star Citizen
#4 Final Fantasy XV
#3 Death Stranding
#2 Ni-Oh
#1 Atlas Reactor


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This Video contains the best, greatest, most anticipated and most wanted upcoming games and it’s epic cinematic trailers in 2016 – 2017 on PC / XBOX ONE XBONE / PS4 Playstation 4 / Xbox 360 and PS3 Playstation 3.


Luis Nunez says:

man!! the titan fall trailer was one of the badasses I ever saw until now.

Zack Treadway says:

i absolutly HATE the last guardian

Brayden Pernell says:

Why does Atlas Reactor remind me of Overwatch?

Dizzy Mcfizzy says:

gayest video ive seen.. you fucked up the For Honor trailer with stupid music and you picked a dumbass #1 video.

Ourumov1 says:

I fucking hate dubshit.

eileen fugmann says:

great music bro I’m really convinced

Mike Smith says:

Games all have 1 common thing, they’re for faggots and they’re gay garbage trash

Sparky-sparks-01 says:


majmun bezgaca says:

like for the skip button in corner , good stuff !

Bartek Tatara says:

Every single game is just fight, blood, violence wtf ?

Luiiisnick says:

19:50 DARYL!

Varsity xavier says:

would of liked to listen to the for honor trailer

Hookieloa says:

idk if its just another version of the trailer but the electronic music on the Titanfall trailer… retarded compared to the original. cool games tho.

dmony25 says:

anybody know that song at 10:39?

jackaboy 2112 says:

the honor trailer was changed

Ethan Tack says:

song playing on the “for honor” trailer? Siri is incapable of telling me…

Yolo killer says:

why is Daryl
in death standing

Lord Megalom says:

а нахуй ты портишь видосы музыкой которая вообще не в тему?

James Deal says:

When video games look as good as this thumbnail with 100 characters equally as detailed on the screen at a solid 60fps. Then we will have made it boys.

Dario Mario says:

WHY DA FU#K have you changed the great music from Titanfall 2 trailer to this dubbSHIT??

Erwan Blanchet says:

Your music is a shit with trailer why you don’t keep the original sound

Curvy Logic says:

Most.Annoying.Music.Ever. Good trailers tho

Tony Lozano says:

the added music to some of the trailers sucks really hard

Northern Uromastyx says:

Why not halo wars 2

TipOfTheTongue says:

Get rid of that cancerous whistling intro music that you shove in our dickholes between the trailers. Fuck you.

Eleuterio Liendo says:

stop adding music to your vids bruhhhh.

Jacob says:

highly doubt death stranding will be a game after Silent Hills pulled that stunt

Gabriel Hondâa says:

you forget horizon zero dawn

Алексндр Инвиз says:

К чему этот сцаный дабстеп

Anthony Blank says:

i wish all things DC would just go away. stop wasting my time.

Johnny Hoden says:

Only wish the shitty music wasn’t thrown in. it would have been a good video otherwise.

Римма Алексеева says:

Please, meet with me, i’m horny, click: #DEARiamhere

Enclosed Grand Dad says:

Where’s the trailer for Project Sonic 2017?

JC Games says:

Why overlay such shit music!!!

Kevin Rex says:

So this is why games suck now. Developers dump all their resources and time into developing an eye catching cinematic instead of focusing on the gameplay.

Paradigm Zer0 says:

LOL. What’s with all the shitty dubstep music in these trailers? OMG! Such a turn off!

KozMc Odin says:

can you fucking chill it with the added music wtf.

Luke McCalister says:

What’s the song at 14.49second Mark? I like it

Waterdown Melo says:

Stupid dub music

Irudium1 says:

Days gone pls

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