11 INSANE New Game Cinematic Trailers 2019

Game Cinematic Traielrs 2019,

Games List:

00:05 Rainbow Six Siege The Hammer and The Scalpel
03:24 Metro Exodus
07:07 Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers
10:56 The Elder Scrolls Online Elswyer
12:55 League of Legends
16:18 Mortal Kombat 11
20:13 Total War Three Kingdoms
24:09 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
25:12 Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2
26:37 Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions
28:16 Apex Legends


Steve james Steve james gonzales says:

I hate it when they add that shout 5:05

Nate Brown says:

bf hardline 2

Nightcrowzx says:


zuga - says:

1:13 he puts down the knife as if it where plastic

ziga kragelj says:

The only thing that Ubisoft can do it cinematic of fake gameplay

Literal American Neo-Nazi says:

but that siege cinematic is just a backstory video… not a trailer… siege has been out for 5 years….

PszczulkaMaya says:

METRO looks amazing 3:25

Samuel Lucia says:


Jay Son Wong says:

This new rainbow 6 siege is single player oriented?

CovertOperation13 says:

These trailer’s are cool, but they tell you nothing of the game or what it will be like to play.

Drpissed says:

So the SAS just allow some random kid girl in with glasses? I thought the requirement was at least three years in a regiment, rank of sergeant or above, have to request to join and be recommended by a superior. Then face a pretty grueling training regime including psychological interrogation and yet this girl gets upset and needs a shrink because her superior does things differently? This is why politically correct shouldn’t enter entertainment

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